Joey Meng denies her husband diagnosed with cancer

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Joey Meng denies her husband diagnosed with cancer

Post by ron1404 on Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:06 pm

Source: Sun
Joey Meng denies her husband diagnosed with cancer

Moses Chan, Joey Meng, Gilbert Lam etc attended the (World Alzheimer's Day Charity Walk). As for her husband being rumoured diagnosed with cancer, Joey Meng denied and said "He doesn't have anything wrong with him. He only had a body examination earlier". (Would the misunderstanding be because he is too skinny?) "He said that he wanted to be more healthy and deliberately ate less meat".

Source: HKheadline

Moses Chan, Susan Tse and Joey Meng appeared at the charity walk event yesterday. Moses and Susan already knew each other while shooting TVB series (Beyond the Realm of Conscience). Joey Meng attended the event with her mother and younger sister. There were rumors that claimed that her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Joey said she didn't know where the rumours came from. She admits that her husband has been having body examinations but didn't go into hospital. They both have body checks every year.

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