Bernice Liu has many upcoming family celebrations

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Bernice Liu has many upcoming family celebrations

Post by Matchbox on Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:38 pm

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Bernice Liu has many upcoming family celebrations

Bernice Liu appeared in a low cut tube dress and attended Harbour City's "Oregan Scientific Smart Living Ideas" Press conference. She exposed that there are many family celebrations lately. She said "My sister is giving birth to her baby before Christmas and my brother will be holding a wedding banquet in Canada. I will be making ginger vinegar. My mother hasn't rushed me to get married yet because I have 7 dogs. Moses Chan expressed earlier that he will be giving Bernice a hand chain handmade by himself. Bernice replied "I haven't received it yet. I will think of what to give him after I have received his present. But it is hard to find a guy in the 21st century willing to make a handmade hand chain for someone. Earlier I made some handmade water cups for the cast of "House of 72 Tenants". (Will you spend Christmas with Moses?) "I will be going on a trip on Boxing day. I hope to see my sister's baby arrival before I get on the plane".
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