Christine Ng, Sharon Chan teams up boycotting Kate Tsui

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Christine Ng, Sharon Chan teams up boycotting Kate Tsui

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:18 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Christine Ng, Sharon Chan teams up boycotting Kate Tsui

Earlier there were rumors saying that during the filming of "The Beauty of the Game", Christine Ng and Sharon Chan teamed up to boycott Kate Tsui because Christine and Kate did not get along. Yesterday the three of them attended the promotional event for their new series. Sharon and Christine were clearly on the same page in the conversation, but Kate seems to be out of it.

Another cast member from the series Jeanette Leung wore a sexy outfit to the event, joining the battle and stole the limelight. Afterwards Sharon revealed that she and Christine had already talked about what to wear beforehand, she expressed: "In the series, the three women fights fiercely, lots of scheming. I have not played a villian for such a long time, this time it's a breakthrough for me because I'm playing an actress who does drugs. (Does this series reflect reality?) Pretty much, I don't let them get up top, I will fight with them. During filming, I was not happy how pretty they were." Sharon also expressed that if "Beauty" gets over 30 points in TV ratings on the first week, she'll reveal her long legs. If it reaches 40 points, she'll reveal her back. For other sexy reveals, she'll leave the responsibility to Christine.

Christine denied to the rumors that they were boycotting Kate, she said that when there are many girls together, there will be more gossips. Asked if the series reflects reality? She said: "Outsiders don't see me like that, they see me as the happy type. But little promotion is ok." Speaking of Sharon Chan's comment about the three fighting in reality, Kate said: "She's just joking. The stories written by the magazines are even more exciting than the actual plot in the series. But gossips allows more attention given to the series from the audience."

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