Jamie Chik knows the industry rules inside out

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Jamie Chik knows the industry rules inside out

Post by Matchbox on Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:30 am

Source: Mingpao
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Jamie Chik knows the industry rules inside out

Jamie Chik left the entertainment field for 19 years. Mainly focuing on looking after her children and willing to give up her career. Family will always be most important to her. Since making a comeback her body figure has become increasingly slim. But she is not determined to get anything from acting, she just wants to enjoy it. As for husband Michael Miu having a lot of rumors since he returned to the industry, Jamie stated that they have both been in the industry for a long time and know the rules of the game. She will remain calm and treat the rumors as a breath of fresh air because rumors will gradually die down.

Michael Miu is nicknamed (Sam Gor) therefore everyone calls her (Sam Sau). She joked that she needs to change her nickname to (Sam Jeh) *Big Sister* because it sounds tougher than the name (Sam Gor). It is also the couple's 20th wedding anniversary this year. Her daughter Miu Tung is 18 and her son Miu Chun is 16. The couple have always been seen as the perfect couple. Even if Michael has rumors Jamie will also trust him. She feels it is very important for a couple to communicate and trust one another.

More Peace less Arguments

Jame said "The base of our 20th year marriage is that we love each other, have a family and love our children. We naturally realize there is no need to unnecessarily argue as it will affect the children. Parents are like mirrors, the process is to tolerate and the children will learn from that. They will learn to understand others. Of course there have been arguments in the past. A scenario would be feeding our dog. I feel you shouldn't over feed the dog. The dog will not able to control himself and constantly eat. Michael will feel the dog is hungry and we will have a different opinion on that. But we leave it at that".

Jamie will not ask about Michael's rumors and completely trusts him. "I won't ask and will not talk about it. I am not deliberately avoiding but I know it's not true. We have been in the industry for so many years, we understand the rules of the game. The game never leaves out rumors. If I don't feel calm about it I will be easily affected. Negative gossip is like a breath of fresh air. It will turn into some other news soon. We shouldn't mind it too much and trust one another. We can talk about literally anything yet we understand the bitter and the sweet. Another thing is we both accept each other's friends. It also helps our relationship. We won't be suspicious of each other. I am grateful god has given me a great family. I must manage it well".

Never drinks alcohol

Since returning to the industry Jamie has had one negative news report. It stated that she enjoys smoking and drinking alcohol. She replied "Smoking is nothing new, but I don't drink alcohol. The reporter captured my friend drinking and claimed that I drank too. My friends know I don't drink and when Michael tests out drinks with his friends I tell them not to pour me any to avoid wasting it. I have never been interested in drinking alcohol. I wouldn't be serious about those reports. My friends warned me beforehand that I may get negative press when I shoot a TV series. Perhaps there is nothing else to write about me. Let them, I will just laugh at the reports".
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Re: Jamie Chik knows the industry rules inside out

Post by summer7879 on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:45 am

oh, i like her so much in Born Rich, i actually never watch her
b4, last time while i see her, i m still so small.. dun know who is her..
and now Born Rich, conside my 1st time to see her, she is so great in acting..
i like her so much

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