Myolie Wu points out relationship at concert, Bosco Wong loves it all

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Myolie Wu points out relationship at concert, Bosco Wong loves it all

Post by summer7879 on Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:54 pm

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Myolie Wu points out relationship at concert, Bosco Wong loves it all

Last night Myolie Wu held her solo mini concert on rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong's birthday. He went forward to the stage giving flowers and a kiss to Myolie as if he was the host, looks like their relationship is surfacing. At her concert, Myolie was selling sex as she had very sexy performances, dancing so much she accidentally exposed herself. Bosco revealed that the night before the show, a bunch of friends went out for midnight snack with Myolie.

Besides fans and good friends attending the concert to show their support, Myolie also got the support her her parents, Bosco and his parents, making it seem like it was their wedding. Wong Cho Lam told Bosco later: "I wish you a life of conjugal bliss! Congrats!" Nancy Wu also laughed and teased that the atmosphere feels like they are at a wedding banquet, need to congratulate this couple.

At the concert, Myolie was dressed as a pliot with a leather bra top on, revealing her sexiness. Besides singing many songs, she also appeared like Lady Gaga, putting on a silver-white wig singing and dancing sexily touching her chest area and from time to time she would reveal her leather bra within.

Myolie invited Chilam Cheung, MC Jin and Paisley Wu to be her guests. She and MC Jin rapped together shouting: "I really like to watch TVB, especially the ones with Bosco Wong in them!" MC Jin responded: "This girl Myolie is truly good, Bosco you bad boy you really picked up something nice." Obviously bringing up the rumored couple with a rap, Myolie then led the entire group of audience to sing Bosco a birthday song, while Bosco went forward to give flowers and a kiss for her.

When asked if Bosco will announce their relationship? He said: "No. Today is like a party. Myolie and I are good friends!" Female lead, Myolie continued to denied after the show, she said: "We are just on-screen couple, I'm happy that we got everyone approval." (Looked like a wedding?) I don't mind receiving gifts from Wong Cho Lam and them, but I'm not getting marry yet!"

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