Charmaine Sheh has a 100 hour record for not sleeping

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Charmaine Sheh has a 100 hour record for not sleeping

Post by Matchbox on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:42 am

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Charmaine Sheh has a 100 hour record for not sleeping

Charmaine Sheh is known for working hard and has previously experienced not sleeping for 100 hours due to shooting a series. This record is very shocking. She also revealed that she likes durian and crab. She would also prepare candy in her handbag to make herself happy.

Q: Reporter
C: Charmaine Sheh

Q: What do you need to carry in your handbag everyday?
C: Definitley my cell phone, candy and lipstick. Although I don't like eating too many sweet things, candy makes me feel happy.

Q: Which part of your body do you focus on the most?
C: Has to be my hands. People notice someone's age by the state of their hands. That's why I have never washed the dishes with my hands. Even when my mom offered to give me $HK200 I didn't take any notice.

Q: Which language would you most like to learn?
C: Japanese because I really like Japanese stuff. I can ask for discounts and ask for directions.

Q: What do you look at first when you meet someone?
C: Their eyes because you can tell if they are lying or telling the truth.

Q: What kind of person do you dislike?
C: I dislike irresponsible people. They affect people's work and need people to help finish their matters.

Q: Your favourite drink?
C: Pearl Bubble tea.

Q: Your favourite food?
C: Durian and crab. Although it makes me have sensitive skin but I really enjoy eating them.

Q: Food you dislike?
C: Enoki Mushroom Beef Roll. When I was a child we ate Japanese food and we ended up finishing 8 rolls although I was already full. In the end I vomited and I no longer want to eat these rolls again.

Q: How long is your record of not sleeping?
C: 4 years ago I was filming a Mainland series and experienced not sleeping for almost 5 days. I couldn't even stand up properly. After the 3rd day I became all numb and didn't know what I was doing.

Q: Who do you respect the most?
C: I respect my grade 6 teacher the most. My Maths has always been very bad but she didn't give up on me and gave me home tuition. I had dinner with my teacher this year. Although she is now 80 years old she is still very bright.
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