Niki Chow returns to her hometown village Shanghai

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Niki Chow returns to her hometown village Shanghai

Post by Matchbox on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:44 am

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Niki Chow returns to her hometown village Shanghai

Every November Niki would organise a "Chow's Clansmen Association Gathering" and return to her hometown village Shanghai for a family gathering. She would stay there for 3 or 4 days and visit relatives. She said "I was born in Hong Kong but because I am very close with my grandfather and grandmother, we would all go back to their hometown village in Shanghai. No matter how busy I am I would take time out to spend with my relatives". As well as Niki and sister Kathy, Niki's parents will all go back there together. She said "People always feel it's boring to go back to their hometown village, think its old fashioned but I like it very much. It's because of this trip that we are able to go as a family together. My surname is Chow and family is most important to me".

Niki stated that the reason she had organised it for November was because of king crabs. "Our group's entertainment for the "Chow Clansmen Association" is to eat king crabs of course."Actually I don't really like eating crabs I prefer crab vinegar more". She also went directly to the small markets in Shanghai to have fried stuffed buns. "The buns are very fresh and hot. As you chew on them the sauce splashes out, its very good".
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