Amigo Chui sent Elizabeth Kwong SMS's to apologise

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Amigo Chui sent Elizabeth Kwong SMS's to apologise

Post by Matchbox on Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:12 am

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Amigo Chui sent Elizabeth Kwong SMS's to apologise

Amigo Chui is suspected of beating up his girlfriend Elizabeth Kwong the day before yesterday. After 2 hours of the attack Amigo sent a SMS in English immediately at 6:02pm. It read "I am Sorry, I don't want to Lost u!". He made the error of texting the word lost instead of lose. 10 minutes later at 6:13pm he sent another SMS. "Shall we have dinner tonight and watch a movie?". According to the message it seemed that he wanted to act like nothing had happened.

Elizabeth went to the hospital to examine her injuries at 7pm. Due to the incident being exposed, the paparazzi's started to contact Amigo. At 7:35pm while Elizabeth was still in hospital she received another SMS from him. This time it read "Please reply. All the Hong Kong paparazzi's are phoning me. Can I ask what has happened?". Within 1 minute of his SMS, Amigo's mom called and left her a voice message. She said "I am auntie. When you get this message can you please call back". It would seem that Amigo was using his mom to plead.
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