Nnadia Chan and Zhang Duo: Marriage is something that could happen within minutes

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Nnadia Chan and Zhang Duo: Marriage is something that could happen within minutes

Post by Matchbox on Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:56 am

Source: Hunan News
Translated by: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net

Nnadia Chan and Zhang Duo: Marriage is something that could happen within minutes

In 2007, Mainland actor Zhang Duo and Nnadia Chan who is 8 years older than him started to date. While shooting series "郎心如鐵" news of Nnadia missing because of relationship problems were suddenly exposed. This caused Zhang Duo to be the target of the paparazzi's. The other day, entertainment 163 visited Fushan to meet the cast of "郎心如鐵". Zhang Duo appeared very generous and discussed about his relationship status. He revealed that they had both met each other's parents 2 years ago. Marriage is something that would happen within minutes of good consideration.

Stresses Nnadia wasn't missing

In recent years Nnadia has reflected her career in Mainland. Since dating in 2007 their relationship has always been very stable and they even suggested getting married. However, in November this year the couple were rumoured breaking up. It claimed that Nnadia went missing from home due to relationship problems. In addition, Nnadia's Mainland blog was also deleted. This made the claims more suspicious and believeable. When discussing about Nnadia missing, Zhang Duo looked hopeless. He said "I don't know who created this news, but if she was missing how come we immediately found her?". He also stressed "Nnadia only went to America for vacation. She was definitley not missing. Our relationship is very well".

Zhang Duo stated that their relationship is very stable and when asked about marriage he replied "Actually 2 years ago we both met each other's parents. We had dinner together. As for getting married, it could happen within minutes of good consideration". He expressed that they were both on the same level and enjoy each other's company. Many have said that Zhang Duo has stolen the limelight from Nnadia. But he doesn't feel that way. "I didn't know about her popularity from the start. I even thought she might be a male . Everytime I accept a interview they would mention about Nnadia, however I believe they won't in the future because Nnadia is participating less in the entertainment circle".

In Zhang Duo's eyes Nnadia is a very simple person. "She is very real and genuine towards her friends. She is a stubborn person and rather than hurting others she would take the blame herself. Nnadia is disappearing from the entertainment circle and Zhang Duo disclosed that it was his intention. "It's a pity for her not to act. But I feel being an actor is very tiring. I don't want her to suffer or work hard anymore. In the past, it wasn't her intention to work in the entertainment field. I hope she can do things she likes from now on".
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