Joey Yung turns into a "Black Bunny Girl"

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Joey Yung turns into a "Black Bunny Girl"

Post by Matchbox on Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:31 am

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Joey Yung turns into a "Black Bunny Girl"

Joey Yung will be releasing her new EP at the end of the month. Joey has always liked Miffy the bunny and this time she has created a "Black Bunny Girl" look image for herself. Her face, arms and legs were all covered in black make-up.

Joey has been in the industry for 10 years and she has created 9 different images for her new EP "Joey Ten". Each image is very detailed and creative. Joey said "Miffy is a white bunny. We discussed about it and I suggested to paint myself black. I have tried many different images within the last 10 years and this time I want to be brave and try something different.

On the day of becoming a "Black Bunny Girl", Joey's face, arms, legs and neck areas were covered in black make-up. She said "This make-up will not make your skin sensitive. It's all real and not done by computer effects. I will also wear Black fury clothing and wear Bunny ears. The outcome is very shocking". Joey used about half a hour to 45 minutes to cover herself black.

She realised washing off the black make-up was very complicated. She said "I thought when the make-up was removed everything would be clean. However when I got home I realised my nails, toe nails, ears and nostrils still had black marks. I had to immediately remove it again. It took about 4 washes before everything came off. But I am very satisfied with the outcome. As well as having 9 different images for the EP cover, a Joey Ten Boxset will also be released that will contain Joey's personal photos, a manga book and Image photo collection.
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