<The Beauty of the Game> TVB is playing itself

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<The Beauty of the Game> TVB is playing itself

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:21 pm

Credit : Source: ent.tom.com
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

TVB Series reveals dark side of HK entertainment circle involving Liza Wang, Jessica Hsuan, Michelle Ye, Jill Vidal, Carol Cheng

Recent TVB series such as the current and upcoming mini series both are innuendos of HK celebrities and entertainment industry.

TVB is playing itself
The dark side within the entertainment circle is the selling point of this series. The first week average ratings were only 26 points, but the crew worked hard beforehand to research gossips from different artistes. As the series broadcasts, more and more of the dark side slowly gets exposed.

Liza Wang slapping Jamie Chik (exposed by an Insider)

Episode 4, spoke of Christine Ng taking advantage of her "big sister" status as she requests for a re-take of the same scene with Kate Tsui over and over again. Results, Kate was slapped by Christine 39 times. Hong Kong artist Spencer Leung broke the news out that in the past when he was shooting a series, in one scene two actresses were love opponents and started slapping vigorously. Spencer Leung said: "They had always been enemies, there was someone who said that one of the actresses proposed the idea of vigorous slapping to the scriptwriter."

It was said that Spencer was referring to the golden drama . In the drama, Spencer plays Adam Cheng's son who has a wife Liza Wang and an affair partner Jamie Chik. There was one slapping scene between the two love opponents, where each slap was very realistic. An insider expressed: "At that time Ah Jeh was dating Ivan Ho and both were part of . Jamie had just joined the crew after completing acting training. Back then Ivan was said to be a flirt and took good care of newcomer Jamie, Ah Jeh felt threatened by Jamie, so she never liked her. Not sure if it was because of this reason, when they were shooting that she treated the slapping scene as if it was real."

Earlier when Jamie and Liza were both guests on , the two were not willing to take pictures together. When Liza was asked about the incident, she said: "Such old things, who would remember. Crazy." Jamie revealed through her assistant: "The series is so old, things that happened that long ago, just laugh it off and will not respond to anything." The producer of was asked if the series had affected the two big sisters, he answered: "The series is only about the entertainment circle. But recently I do feel that my colleagues aren't as warm to me like before."

Jessica Hsuan betrays Astrid Chan

Episode 5 talked about Kate Tsui feeling injustice being slapped by Christine so many times and complained with good friend Sharon Chan to the producer, they even threatened to delay filming. The producer gave pressure to Christine, so she invited Sharon to her house for dinner to get her on her side. Results, Sharon let it go, Kate felt that she betrayed her.

The scene from episode 5 resembles Astrid and Jessica's relationship. Astrid and Jessica became good friends after filming . In 1998, the two were both discussing contracts with TVB, it was rumored that Jessica taught Astrid to "sell high" ("hard to get"), to stall the contract process, while she quickly agreed to the sign the contract. Due to this, Astrid reluctantly switched to ATV as the two became enemies. Astrid was asked if she had been betrayed by a good friend before? She answered: "I don't remember."

(^ TN: I believe article made a mistake. Astrid and Jessica were in together not )

(Image credit: TVB.com)

Kate Tsui is an innuendo of Michelle Ye (beauty pageant winner reaching stardom)
Michelle Ye was once a MCI winner with promising beauty and body figure. In the past she rapidly reached a high position as a Fadan in TVB. But then relying on the wealthy, she turned into a "gossip girl" in one night and soon became a leading lady in movies.

Sharon Chan an innuendo of Jill Vidal (drug addict)
In the series, Sharon plays a celebrity drug addict, extremely similar to Jill Vidal who was caught earlier in Japan for marijuana. Both Sharon's character and Jill had a drug addict boyfriend. Sharon has her drug producer siu sang Stephen Huynh while Jill had her marijuana possessed Kelvin Kwan.

Christine Ng an innuendo of Carol Cheng (plastic surgery)
Christine played a big sister who takes numerous anti-aging drugs to maintain her youthfulness, causing side effects on her face and rotting eyes as a result. This is similar to TVB big sister Carol Cheng (Dodo) who is referred to as "HK Version MJ". People often say that she's a plastic surgery addict, fixing up her wrinkles on neck, nose, scars and has done nose bridging.

directed at the Music Industry
Playing as the "ugly man" GUNG YAN TUNG (innuendo of Gillian Chung) Wong Cho Lam soon becomes a "smart man". Bosco Wong plays GAN LIK SUN (innuendo of Eason Chan) pairing up with Kate Tsui's TSUI ON FEI (innuendo of Kay Tse). Kitty Yuen plays GING CHI KO (innuendo of Real Ting) who will end up marrying the ugly turned beauty YEUNG SIN WAH (innuendo of Miriam Yeung) played by Christine Kuo. Mimi Lo plays YUNG SO YEE (innuendo of Joey Yung).

The recent "taxi assault" scene involving Bosco, Kate and Joel resembled the incident that happened between good friends Gary Cao and Justin Lo earlier. (FOR DETAILS OF THE SCENE CLICK HERE)

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