Kate Tsui a rampent "Stamp Collector Actress

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Kate Tsui a rampent "Stamp Collector Actress

Post by summer7879 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:13 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Kate Tsui a rampent "Stamp Collector Actress

Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong were shooting a kiss scene yesterday. Kate exposed that her role in the new series is very rampant, often taking the initiative to kiss Bosco. Bosco said that Kate was "gifted and experienced", already kissed all the male artistes in the industry, he teased and said that she's the "stamp collector actress".

Yesterday Bosco and Kate were shooting a kiss scene for TVB new Lunar New Year series , the scene talked about Kate upset with Joel Chan and went to kiss Bosco. Although the two only did a touch lip kiss, but they both disliked it. Kate disliked Bosco's lips, while Bosco said that Kate was too tall and wasn't able to satisfy his "big man" mentality.

Request the scenes from Producer
Have already done kiss scenes with several Siu Sangs, Kate exposed that this time she and Bosco had the most kiss scenes: "This time my character is really rampant, always kissing Bosco, I'm suspecting if he's requesting these scenes from the producer! But luckily I am familiar with him, so we aren't embarrassed. But I don't know why there aren't any arrangements for me to kiss Wong Cho Lam, I like his lips better. I really want to try kissing Cho Lam. (Which co-star was most memorable for you?) My most memorable was the one with Richie Ren. It was a while back when I shot . At the time I was really new and had to kiss a senior once we started working, so it was hard and embarrassing."

Completely satisfed kissing Kitty
Bosco teased that Kate was a "stamp collector actress", but Kate teased him back: "Your partner coming and going is the same one (referring to Myolie Wu)." Bosco tried to change the subject: "With who did I have most feeling with when kissing? Kitty Yuen because with her I have to overlook, feels special. In terms of the angle, it completely fulfills my 'big man' mentality. She feels like a small bird to me. (Have you talked to Myolie Wu before the kiss scene?) No." Also, earlier when Kitty, Cho Lam and "bring germs" Christine Kuo were shooting a chain of kiss scenes, Kitty immediately got infected afterwards, Bosco said: "I have good resistances, have no fear."

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