Linda Chung admits previously falling in love with Steven Ma and Ekin Cheng

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Linda Chung admits previously falling in love with Steven Ma and Ekin Cheng

Post by Matchbox on Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:15 am

Source: Sina
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Linda Chung admits previously falling in love with Steven Ma and Ekin Cheng

In "A Watchdog's Tale" Linda Chung portrays a vet that is bold, she has received a good response for her role. She has been in the entertainment industry for 6 years and still maintains a simple lifestyle. She still chooses to take the tube. In the past she has been rumoured with Raymond Lam and Philip Ng but she has denied this. She admitted that when she first entered the industry she previously fell in love with series partners Steven Ma and Ekin Cheng.

Meeting a partner on the plane

Since Linda entered the industry her love life has been empty. She said "I am very careful when choosing a boyfriend. I am very serious about it, just like choosing a husband. I hope to date someone outside the industry. If they are within the industry people will know about their past and who they have dated. If they are from the same company then people will focus on everything we do. My parents suggest that I should date someone outside the industry and that it won't be so complicated".

However she has had constant rumours with people in the industry. Linda made it clear and said "I am good friends with Philip Ng. I am definitley not dating Raymond Lam. We have never started. But because the rumours have been going on for so long it's quite awkward. I let fate take its course and I don't know if we have a chance to develop a relationship in the next 3 -5 years".

Linda is currently very busy with work. Does she have time to meet someone outside the industry? She excitedly said "When fate comes, you will meet someone when you're having dinner. Even when you're on the plane. I have read many articles about people meeting their partners on the plane. I often take the flight to work overseas and sit in the business class area. I would be thinking if that guy is the guy sitting beside me? I feel disappointed when sitting in one person seats".

Has Linda fallen in love with any of the male leads? She said "The first year I started shooting series, I didn't know how to release myself. I got into character and the first 2 series I filmed I fell in love with the male leads. Examples are "Virtues of Harmony II" and "Always Ready". I liked Steven Ma and Ekin Cheng. But later I realised it wasn't reality and just acting. (Did the male leads know?) "Of course they didn't know, since then I no longer have such feelings when I shoot series. It's the 3rd time I have worked with Steven and we have never had rumours together".

Insists to take the Tube

Linda is well known for saving money. She will normally take the Citybus and tube. She has previously been reported spending only $24 a day. She laughed "It's impossible to only use $24 a day in Hong Kong. Many Miss Chinese International's who enter the industry will take the Citybus to work at the start of their careers. I was the same, it's normal. As for taking the tube, I feel it's very convenient. I am not someone who needs a lot of face. Convenience is the most important thing in my lifestyle and comfortable. But I won't take the tube during the busiest times and will only choose times when there aren't many passengers".

She will also take the taxi. "I feel very tired after shooting series for a day. I will call a taxi and it's the quickiest way to get home. So that I have enough time to rest. I will spend about $200 a day for a taxi fare. Many people feel it's strange that I take the taxi. I have thought about whether I should buy a nice car and a better house, but my friends say that it's good that I haven't changed otherwise that's not me. This is why I insist to carry on the way I do". (Since becoming a singer has your record company prohibited you from taking the tube?) "No, They are very supportive. They feel that I have a very healthy image".

As well as increase in earnings, Linda stated that she has said farewell to the days of saving up money. She will sometimes spend money to reward herself. "I love brand clothing but I don't want to spend that kind of money. Being an artist you cannot wear the same clothing more than once. Therefore I often borrow clothing. As for handbags and purses, I am willing to buy more expensive ones. I will mostly spend money on travelling and eating out. I will also spend money on Chinese medicine.
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