The "Brand New" Bernice Liu

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The "Brand New" Bernice Liu

Post by Matchbox on Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:06 pm

Source: Mingpao
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The "Brand New" Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu plays the role of Lai Ping in new movie "Bad Blood". Her character is gentle on the outside but tough on the inside. Bernice who has never portrayed a Villain before is happy to appear as a fighter. She said "I don't have a foundation in martial arts and only have a background in dancing. But I found out that Michelle Yeoh also started with a dance background. I wanted to try". However she will not use Michelle Yeoh as a target and will also not aim for a target because that will give her limits.

Bernice stated that before she started the shooting, the director and producer constantly told her she needs to remind herself that her role is very "Cruel". Even to use vulgar language. She laughed and said the audience would be in shock. The reporter asked how she adapts to the role? She said "I feel relaxed when I see my dogs at home. But my assistant couldn't resist to cry when she saw me working so hard and tolerating pain. I tried to hold back the tears too but couldn't. Actually, the more we filmed the more I hurt myself. My toe is still bruised. This happened when I was shooting a scene fighting 6 black guys that were 7ft tall. One of them accidentally stepped on my toe". She joked that she was most afraid of appearing at public events because she needed to wear high heels and reveal her toes. She would cover them with nail varnish before she attended any public event.

Despite it being hard work and tiring, Bernice didn't fear. She stated that the reason she is filming fighter movies is because she is still young. She wants to show her baby in the future and show the audience a brand new Bernice. As for whether she will continue to go down the fighter route? Bernice said "If I have another opportunity I will continue. I won't request that though. Also I won't worry if I lose out the chance to shoot TV series, I hope that I can shoot both. No matter if it's playing the lead or a guest appearance, I would be happy to encounter a breakthrough role. If the audience remember the role you played it's success".
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