Suffering from lip ulcer? Tavia Yeung : This is just a funny topic

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Suffering from lip ulcer? Tavia Yeung : This is just a funny topic

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:13 pm

Credit : Source: nddaily
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Suffering from lip ulcer? Tavia Yeung : This is just a funny topic

Yesterday, HK TVB artistes Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan attended a news conference for a brand name in Guangzhou. Recently Tavia Yeung who was included as the victim in kissing scenes and infected by bacteria is suffering from lip ulcer. This was the first time Tavia Yeung replied on the incident. Tavia Yeung helped the “source of bacteria”, Michael Tse to clarify and explained that this is just purely a funny topic.

Tavia Yeung appeared with a fresh and cool short hair yesterday. There was no sign of lip ulcer on her mouth. However, there will be more gossips whenever popularity comes. Tavia Yeung who obtained great achievements in 2009 was accused that she was copying TVB 1st sister, Charmaine Sheh’s short hairstyle. Recently, she even disclosed that she is suffering from lip ulcer as the results of filming kissing scenes and even pointed out the source of bacteria came from her partner, Michael Tse. When mentioning the recent gossips, Tavia Yeung firstly praised the short hairstyle. “I feel fresh and cool with this new hairstyle.” She also expressed that Charmaine Sheh and her are very good friends. “We will not mind over these things. We will not talk about it in purpose as it is not true.” When Tavia Yeung heard that Michael Tse was accused as the source of bacteria, she immediately said, “This was because a tiny skin was tore off at the corner of my mouth. Coincidentally, I needed to film a kissing scene with him that time. This is just a funny topic. There were no such things as lip ulcer or infection of bacteria happened.”

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