Kate Tsui denies stepping into wealth, says the report is like a <The Beauty of the Game> sequel

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Kate Tsui denies stepping into wealth, says the report is like a <The Beauty of the Game> sequel

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:24 pm

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Kate Tsui denies stepping into wealth, says the report is like a sequel

Recently Kate Tsui had been accused of sudden wealth as she ruthlessly breaks up with rumored director boyfriend (Yau Ngai Hoi) for the wealthy Mr. K and obtaining a 15 million HKD mansion in Bel-Air Residence from the new love interest.

Kate, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Toby Leung and Him Law attended TVB's new series costume fitting yesterday. There were reports that Kate stepped into wealth the day before, she shouted that she's been accused, she said that the reports killed her hard efforts in the last year.

Kate expressed that she is troubled by the false reports, she said: "The whole thing is made up, the story feels like the sequel to , tying my personal life into the series. There is really no such thing, nonsense, no proof! But I am still pretty upset because a girl's reputation is very important, getting accused like this is truly unfair, it kills all my hard efforts in the past year! How will people give me jobs in the future? Also, I am really upset of this incident this time because my family is getting harassed too!"

When she was asked if she knew how to adapt to her new wealth, Kate said: "I don't know. I swear that I do not know this person! There has never been a wealthy person pursing me. (Then were you with Yau Ngai Hoi before?) He has a girlfriend, I really don't want to affect him because of this incident. (The reports say your living in a 15 million Bel-Air mansion!) I am renting the place, I worked really hard in the past years to live in a more comfortable home. Perhaps they are helping me stir up some news before the award ceremonies, afraid that I'll have nothing to say when I come out. (They even compared you with Sharon Luk and Tracy Ip!) Other people's things I don't know about, I won't comment, but Kate Tsui had always had the image of self-reliance."

Kate's "old love" Yau Ngai Hoi accepted an interview and expressed that he believes Kate's personality, the reports are completely false and not reliable. He also "praised" the ones who came up with such a creative story. Asked if he felt pity for Kate? Yau Ngai Hoi said: "As part of this industry, its inevitable, just take it easy."

Also, Ron Ng and Roger Kwok both have a relationship with Kate in the new series, Ron expressed that he's not worried of starting rumors with her. He expressed that this is the first time he's working with Roger, he feels excited and exposed that for , he declined two Mainland series opportunities.

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