Linda Chung will depend on herself for goodluck

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Linda Chung will depend on herself for goodluck

Post by Matchbox on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:09 am

Source: Zdface
Translated by: matchbox @

Linda Chung will depend on herself for goodluck

Linda Chung, Christine Kuo and Cecilia Wang attended the "Flower Dance Spring Day Show" opening in East Point City. Linda expressed she likes peach blossom the most but has never brought any during the Lunar New Year because she is afraid they will wither. However she may buy some this year.

She stated that since entering the entertainment industry her relations with people are very good. But since becoming a singer she hopes it would get better. Some people would ask Maoshan Masters to bring them good luck but Linda and Christine who are both Christians will not follow that route. Christine feels that as long as you are normally nice to people your relations with people will naturally be good. Linda stated that anything regarding her career will be handled by god. Some girls would even sacrifice their bodies in order to bring good luck, but Linda feels that everyone uses their own personal methods. As for herself she feels the best way is to depend on herself.
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