Steven Ma as rich and prosperous Ultraman

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Steven Ma as rich and prosperous Ultraman

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:11 am

Credit : Source: MingPao

Steven Ma as rich and prosperous Ultraman

《大廚出馬》, the cooking show hosted by Steven Ma, garnered outstanding ratings. The whole production team was elated by the result.

Steven Ma exuberantly expressed thanks to the program’s guest master chef and guest stars. (Connie Chan Po Chu & her son, Dexter Yeung) He felt that the crew’s effort has finally paid off. He also said that he had benefited considerably from the program. During the filming inside a seafood wholesale store, Steven could not hide his excitement, half way through, he jokingly picked up the abalones to conceal his eyes pretending to be Abalone Ultraman. He chirped: “As an Ultraman, this one sure is rich and prosperous! "

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