Charmaine Sheh abruptly puts a stop to interview

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Charmaine Sheh abruptly puts a stop to interview

Post by Matchbox on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:42 pm

Charmaine Sheh abruptly puts a stop to interview

Credits: to llwy12 @

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended an event to support Stephen Chan’s new book, during which Stephen took the opportunity to “use” her recent rumors with Moses Chan to tease her and lighten the mood. After the event, Charmaine expressed: “It’s not awkward -- the rumors are not within my control, my focus right now is on filming series.” (How about rumors that Bernice Liu is unhappy with your comments dragging her into the situation?) “The situation should be over now…please don’t take these types of false, laughable rumors as the truth.” (Will you be avoiding Moses?) “We’re filming the same series right now, plus it’s a comedy, so it’s necessary to be happy so that the audience will have the same feeling.” (How about being more careful on a personal level outside of work?) “Thank you!” Immediately afterward, Charmaine quickly turned around and left, thereby abruptly ending the interview.

When asked about the ‘jealous rivalry’ between Charmaine and Bernice, Moses Chan replied via phone: “I’m sitting here scratching my head – don’t even know how to respond to this type of false rumors.” (What do you make of Charmaine abruptly ending the interview?) “She doesn’t want the rumors to continue!” (Taking up 2 women under your care?) “Don’t know what you’re talking about; we’re all experienced [been through this type of rumor before] so we understand how it works…no need to worry.”
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