Moses Chan and Raymond Lam top netizens’ poll of ideal lovers

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Moses Chan and Raymond Lam top netizens’ poll of ideal lovers

Post by Matchbox on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:46 pm

Moses Chan and Raymond Lam top netizens’ poll of ideal lovers

Source : MediaCorp TV

They may be embroiled in rumours surrouding romancing their female co-stars, but Hong Kong TVB actors Moses Chan and Raymond Lam have come out tops in an online poll where netizens voted for their ideal lover. The two actors were joined by fellow Hong Kong celeb, Heavenly King Andy Lau as the ideal male lover.

Charlene Choi (also know as Ah Sa), one-half of Cantopop girl group Twins was the overall winner of the poll which was conducted in-lieu with Valentine’s Day. Male netizens were said to prefer 28-year-old’s jovial personality and effervescent smile while female netizens loved her sweet and goody-two-shoes image. Model-actress Angelababy, Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, and newbie singer Gloria Tang (also known as G.E.M.) followed close behind.

Delighted at his results, 31-year-old Raymond professed that he would like to spend “a very romantic valentine’s day” with his lover.

When he was asked to pick between the female celebs polled to choose his ideal lover, he said, “It is a really tough choice. If I really had to choose, I would choose the younger G.E.M. However I would be filming a movie together with Charlene, I can’t neglect her.”

Moses said he was “really very happy” with the results and thanked ”all the ladies for their support.” The 39-year-old feels that his “smile” and “amicability” won him the affections of his voters. Similar to Raymond, Moses praised Charlene for being “very sweet and very cute.”
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