Roger Kwok: matchmaking Sonija Kwok is "too difficult"

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Roger Kwok: matchmaking Sonija Kwok is "too difficult"

Post by Matchbox on Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:06 pm

Source: Yahoo! News
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Roger Kwok, All Time Favourite TVB Male TV Character winner and happily-married family man, isn't too keen on matchmaking his fellow actress and god-sister Sonija Kwok.

They aren't related by blood, but these two famous Hong Kong TVB actors are certainly close-knit like family. Sonija became the godmother of Roger's two-year-old son, Brad, after the two grew closer while filming comedic-paranormal TVB drama series, D.I.E..

The pair, now affectionately referred to as "god-siblings" were in town last week along with eight of their fellow TVB colleagues to attend the inaugural StarHub TVB Awards ceremony on Friday night.

For his role as a mentally-disabled adult male named Ah Wong with the IQ of an eight-year-old in Square Pegs, Roger, 45, bagged All Time Favourite TVB Male TV Character award at the ceremony.

The series was a huge hit in 2002 and the breakthrough role shot him to fame after a bout of forgettable roles. With his win, he commented on how Adam Cheng once told him that an actor would have to "wait for at least five years" to get an outstanding role.

"I realized that he lied to me because I waited 18 years before I got Ah Wong," he jokingly exclaimed in mock anger.

Despite the influx of up-and-coming younger actors gaining popularity, Roger does not feel the least bit threatened by their presence. Steven Ma, 38, even jumped in defense of the actor and said, "No one can replace Ah Wong. It is impossible!"

"The newbies, experienced and veteran actors each play a different role," said Roger and "you can't expect every drama series to be on Raymond Lam or Steven Ma just because you like them. You'll develop a phobia if you watch that every night!"

Being godmother to Roger's firstborn, the foxy Sonija, who prefers the term 'god-aunty', gave a noncommittal reply when asked if she feels to urge to settle down and start a family of her own,

"It is good enough for me to just look at others. When we chat, I would often ask him about his family. It makes me feel very happy to see his perfect family."

She is also adamant about not dating co-stars, rejecting the notion with a resolute "No" when reporters asked. She believed that "it is better to separate work from love" and staunchly repeated, "No, [I] definitely do not want [to date a co-star]," putting an end to all guesses and questions.

On the other hand, Steven, who will hit the big 4-O in two years time, was a little more receptive to the topic of marriage. Having once been quoted by the Hong Kong media of his desire to get hitched and "settle down as soon as possible", he clarified his previous statement, explaining that "A high master once told me that I would definitely get married this year. If fate allows, I'm totally fine with marriage. It's not like we are 18-year-olds anymore."

Since he's chums with Sonija and Steven, we had to ask Roger if he plans to play matchmaker to his two singleton friends.

"That is too difficult, it is too big a responsibility," he replied in hesitation.

To which Steven reassuringly chimed in support, "Don't worry, we'll find our partners by ourselves."
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