Leila.Magazine - Beauty Pro cover (Feb 2010)

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Leila.Magazine - Beauty Pro cover (Feb 2010)

Post by summer7879 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:11 am

Credit ; Credits: to Le Le La La

Leila.Magazine - Beauty Pro cover (Feb 2010)

Leila Tong ------- Miracle

According to an unofficial survey, couple with the opinions of netizens as well as the guys around, Leila Tong is actually one of the artiste that almost everyone likes. Why do I say 'is acutally'? It's not that yours truly disagree with the girl's beautiful appearance and acting skills (after all she started acting since she was eight years old!). It's because she is not an artiste under TVB's management contract and naturally she isn't very highly promoted, does not get very good roles and has not released an album. However her popularity with the audience did not drop with the lack of backing and in this entertainment circle where everything is about highly promoting and making up stories, it can be considered a miracle that she is still popular among the audience.

From Kong Lai Na to Tong Ling

Of course, I believe that most of the audience in Hong Kong will definitely have some feelings for Leila. After all, this girl grew up under our eyes. Since she started acting when she was eight, with her big eyes and innocent smile while reciting the lines, the Kong Lai Na back then has grown up to be a young lady in a blink of an eye and even has some romantic scenes on-screen. The years just passed like that and to the audience, they definitely have some feelings about it. Luckily, Leila's look did not change, unlike some other child stars (Look at Xiao Bin Bin! - Taiwan Artiste). Her appearance still remain as good and it is considered a blessing for the audience as well as a miracle. It's not difficult to imagine that Leila will be able to keep her pretty looks like Vivian Chow even in ten years time.

Making a breakthrough Courageous to try

Leila, who has just completed a RTHK TV programme and a stageplay, has not much comments about her pretty appearance. "Frankly speaking, there are many beautiful girls in the entertainment circle and I'm probably one of those who just passed. On the other hand, after growing up, I've learnt that inner beauty is something that deserves to be treasured the most," she said. Thus, she has been focusing on a couple of stageplays in these recent years in order to improve on her acting skills. There was a movie at the start of the year (2009), "A Very Short Life", she played an abused young mother. In the film, she was beaten up and even attempted suicide. Her acting was so focused and her acting skills were praised by many people.

Even being in the entertainment circle for more than ten years, Leila does not have the 'superior and experienced' attitude. Her eyes beneath her long lashes do not seem to reflect any moodswing and remained very clear and sincere like a newbie. No wonder with the influx of the younger models, there are still guys who are Leila's loyal fans. However, Leila is actually not that feminine in private and the way she talks does not have the doll-like voice. "My character is very boyish and I don't like to dressup myself. If I do not have to work, i will try my best not to put on make-up," she said. Although this is the case, she still has the habit of going to beauty salon for facials even though her complexion is naturally good. She added, "Of course, I am very concerned about the process of skin care, and will emphasize on the steps of make-up removal. This is because if the make-up is not removed fully, it will jam up the pores and make the skin bad." Among all the artistes, she admires Rene Liu's complexion the most. "Lots of people say that her complexion is very good!" Leila exclaimed.

Loving her dogs like her life

Everyone knows that Leila is a fan of dogs and apart from going to Lamma Island to visit the stray dogs occassionally, she has also kept one of them. Currently, she has four lucky dogs at home. "Actually all the animals deserve to be treated with respect because they are like us and are considered as a living thing," she said. Leila emphasized that education is very important, "We must definitely let the young kids know about the importance of loving animals as well as responsibility towards them." I totally agree as I am also a animal-lover and has three cats and a dog at home - it's really a huge responsibility.

Regarding the plans in the near future, Leila, who does not have a TVB contract expressed that she will let nature takes its course. "I will also film some mainland dramas in the meantime and will have some stage performances," she said. Even so, it is a loss for the television fans.

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