Cherie Chung relies on her wisdom to stay young

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Cherie Chung relies on her wisdom to stay young

Post by summer7879 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:28 am

Credit : Source: MingPao/Wenweipo(image)
Translator: R.E.D @

Cherie Chung relies on her wisdom to stay young

Veteran actress Cherie Chung has left the entertainment in 1994. Since last year, she became the spokesperson for "Reenex collagen self-Center". Recently, Cherie did a commercial promotion for "Reenex". She had a photo shoot by Christopher Cheung, a famous photographer. The theme is called "100% collagen feeling young". Cherie wants to share her secret of "Not getting old"

Cherie wore a black and a white off the shoulder dresses for the commercial. It showed her two different elegant looks. Cherie presented herself very professionally, captured every angle. Her pose was full of confidence and she gave it 100%. Cherie told reporter "One has to rely on yourself to have the wisdom to look beautiful. Such as knowing how to use your time effectively and do the meaningful things or know how to enjoy life. I like drinking soup and do exercise to keep fit. I read magazine to up date myself. I also pick the suitable fashion to wear and choose the right accessaries to match."

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