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    Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:16 pm
    Message by tailocdacnien
    LED Signs

    In today’s market, spending on advertising is huge. The level of spending that goes into advertising is mind blowing. In fact, in many countries most media outlets, such as television, radio and newspapers, would not be in business without revenue generated through the sale of advertising. LED Signs have opened up a new dimension to this advertising.

    Some time back, the light output from a LED was too low to be considered for practical uses and were not considered as a good replacement for the existing lamps. Now, as a result of technological advances in the science of LED manufacturing, these low cost, energy efficient devices have tremendous potential for many applications, most importantly directional and informational signs. By producing little heat and using low amounts of energy the current LED Sign designs are more efficient than the other signs that are being used in the market today.

    The sunlight obscures your normal window signs. They are not bright enough to be seen from a distance. LED Sign has that solution. The future of window signs is LED lighting. An LED window sign will bring attention to your storefront. By using these signs, you can attract the people to your doorstep. The LED Sign are also clearly visible in direct sunlight, have a burn life of over 100,000 hours, and they are brighter than traditional window signs. These signs provide low cost and are much more efficient than other signs.

    LED signs
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