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Theresa Lee wants to open an adult store

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Theresa Lee wants to open an adult store Empty Theresa Lee wants to open an adult store

Post by Matchbox on Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:04 am

Source:Hunan News Translation: Matchbox @ https://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net
Date: 2010-02-27

Theresa Lee wants to open an adult store

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Theresa and husband Corey

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TVB series "My Better Half" has aired for a week and received viewer ratings of 24 points during the Lunar new year period. One of the female leads has become a hot topic for netizens which is Theresa Lee. She returned to Hong kong from Canada to develop her career and is also Miss Hong Kong 1994, 2nd runner up. (Same year as Halina Tam and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee). Recently she accepted an interview with Mingpao Magazine. This year she will be reaching 40 but is still bubbly and active. You wouldn't be able to tell that she had suffered from depression in the past. Theresa who is very westernised couldn't resist in talking about "Morning Sex". She also stated that she wants to open an adult store. "My Better Half" is her second TVB series since her return and after becoming a mother. She has high hopes in this series and was willing to buy the plane ticket to Hong Kong to promote the series.

Directly pursing a guy

While accepting the interview Theresa had just got off the plane. Her home is in a small town in Canada. The journey to Hong Kong took 15 hours. She said "Actually I didn't want to come back because my son is older now and knows that mommy is leaving him". Her son Tate was born in 2004. Her grandpa named him Lee Chi Tak in Chinese, following her surname. Her husband Corey who is foreign and Canadian doesn't know Chinese.

The 2nd February is her 18th dating anniversary (Knowing each other rather). Theresa met Corey while competing in Miss Hong Kong. They shared the same roof in Canada. She said that he needed to work in the evening and therefore couldn't take a vacation. But she booked a spa and massage so that they could both relax. She also bought cheese, grapes and red wine for the ocassion.

The reporter discovered a quote in her English blog that read "Morning Sex". Theresa admitted that there was such an activity. In 1998 Theresa returned to Canada from Hong Kong to start her family and get married. After 10 years she returned to TVB. Outsiders speculated that her marriage was on the rocks but actually their relationship has never changed. Corey currently works in a bar. She expressed that people in Canada don't focus mainly on earning money. When Corey is at home he will become the role of a parent. She stated that she won't be a like a typical HK girl who needs to be pursued by a man. Instead she rather pursue the guy herself. She met Corey at a friend's wedding and she was the one who asked him out.

The interview took place in Lan Kwai Fong. Theresa looked above a staircase and saw an adult store. She laughed "Afterwards I want to check that out. I want to open my own adult store selling sex toy. When I was younger I always felt it was natural, healthy and a happy thing to do.

Returned to TVB in 2008

Theresa returned to TVB in 2008. As for pairing up with Laughing Gor Michael Tse she had high hopes about the ratings. "Sometimes I feel my performance isn't good enough. I give myself a lot of pressure. I cried for a few days. When I shot "You're Hired" I didn't have that kind of feeling".

She praised the script being very good. "There are a few brave scenes. I was dreaming that I had become a vampire and Michael had turned into a werewolf. I haven't shot these type of scenes before and it reminded me of western comedies".

Theresa hopes to accept comedy roles because she suffered from depression. In 2002 she was shooting in Mainland and was under a lot of pressure. When she got home she would start crying. "Fortunately the doctor gave me medicine. Since having my son he has been my best remedy".

Appeared in US Series "Smallville"

She is also quite familiar with working in the US. She had the opportunity to be casted in "Smallville" and played a small role.
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