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Moses Chan VS Tavia Yeung ; Guys Love Coffee , Girls Love Family

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Moses Chan VS Tavia Yeung ; Guys Love Coffee , Girls Love Family Empty Moses Chan VS Tavia Yeung ; Guys Love Coffee , Girls Love Family

Post by summer7879 on Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:15 am

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Moses Chan VS Tavia Yeung ; Guys Love Coffee , Girls Love Family 02mc003mota

TVB actor and actress Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung have just completed the first “Luxurious life” quiz for our magazine. The interesting thing is, with regards to questions on their career, both answered in concordance - be it the sensitive issue on TVB artiste wages or questions on their career plans- they are indeed partners. However regarding questions on their life, they displayed obvious differences.

The issue on TVB artiste wages was highlighted many times, and Eric Tsang has told the media that TVB “takes paper for money”, is TVB stingy towards their artistes?

Moses : We work very hard, it can be said that we are bullied, but every artiste hopes to be given a chance to express himself. Maybe I am not a very calculating person; the most important thing is to do your job properly.

Tavia : I totally agree with Moses. We cannot be too calculating. In my opinion, if you have the capabilities, you can definitely earn a lot of money; but if you do not do your job well and do not deserve the money, you complain that your wages is little, it would just be a waste of one’s breath.

What would be the focus of your career in 2010?

Moses : I filmed a lot of dramas in 2009, 3 of them have not been aired yet, so you might see me on TV more often [in 2010]. In 2010, I hope to play different roles. Actually I liked my role in [Heaven and Earth], I lost 40 pounds, have to practice boxing, play music, it was a romantic character and I look forward to it.

Tavia : I only filmed [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] in 2009, and will be waiting for its sequel in 2010, but I hope to try out different modern dramas.

How will the passage of time affect an artiste?

Moses : Mind your own business well, and live every day to the fullest. I hope I can achieve that.

Tavia : Leave it to fate, humans cannot fight heaven, one cannot stop time. Do the things we can do and the things we want to do, for example saying “I love you” to your mother. Do not allow any regrets.

What have you done for the environment?

Moses : I love fashion, but I can do more for the environment, for example [buying] leather jackets will cause harm to animals. When I do not drive, I will switch off the engine so that I do not waste [fuel]. If you notice these details in life, it is already not bad.

Tavia : As an artiste, I have a lot of clothes. I will put them properly and give the extras to those who need them.

What will you not give up life?

Moses : Coffee. If I have the time, I will do research on coffee, anything regarding coffee I will keep on experimenting. This is my greatest pastime.

Tavia : Concern for my family. No matter what position I am at, I will still care for my family, especially my mother.

How do you define sexy?

Moses : Being confident is sexy.

Tavia : The real sexiness comes from the inner self, it has nothing to do with wearing little, some examples would be Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi.

What is one skill that every man/woman must possess?

Moses : Every man must know how take good care of a woman, and a woman is to be taken care of by a man.

Tavia : Every man must know how to lead the way. Because I always get lost, hence when I am panicking as to where to go, he can tell me to turn left or right.

Your next shopping plan?

Moses : Something to do with coffee and is not very expensive. I can fry coffee beans myself, and now is to make the coffee beans [taste] better. Hence if you say shopping, I would buy that stuff.

Tavia : If possible, to get a bigger house for my mother! My mother has worked hard for me all her life, now that she is 60 years old; it is time for her to enjoy life.

Do you have any clothes matching tips?

Moses : The key to wearing clothes is what you match it with. Whatever style of clothes you wear, match it with the style of shoes. I love shoes and own about 1000 pairs, with different styles. I pursue fashion when I was younger, but now as I grow older, comfort is more important. Clarks is one brand that emphasizes on comfort, and I like it. I like it because of its comfort.

Tavia : When you wear clothes, comfort is most important. If it is not because of the requisition of my job, I will not wear low-cut and miniskirts. I will feel uncomfortable, and it is not me anymore. One must live happily. A woman’s feet a very important. Like me, I am required to wear high heels when working, but otherwise, I will wear slippers. The style of Clarks is trendy and does not give me the feeling of being too overdressed. The degree of comfort is excellent; you will not feel tired even after standing for long hours.

Under what circumstances will you avoid fashion?

Moses : I like to pursue some classic stuff, because fashion changes but it does not. It is natural, pretty, and comfortable.

Tavia : I do not pursue fashion; some fashion is not suitable for me, for example some cumbersome accessories. The pursuit of fashion is very expensive, it is better to save up the money. It would be enough to just find clothes for the occasion.

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