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Stephen Chan holds a press conference

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Stephen Chan holds a press conference Empty Stephen Chan holds a press conference

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:06 am

Credit : Source: et 21.cn, Oriental Daily (image)
Translator: Tamaya @ AsianFanatics.net

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Stephen Chan holds a press conference

2010/03/18 Today at 3:30 pm Stephen Chan held a short press conference at Regal Hong Kong Hotel at East Tsim Sha Tsui to address the ICAC case. Since his arrest on 3/11, this is his first time responding to media questions. A hundred or so reporters gathered at the venue. When the conference starts, Stephen’s lawyer, Ivan, makes his appearance first. Stephen, wearing a black jacket over his pink shirt, appears soon after, and stands behind the table letting the reporters take his pictures.

Stephen thanks his friends for their concern, as well as the Mongkok flower vendor for his buy one get one free pomelo leaves. He expresses that his daily life continues as usual, like going out to eat and for personal health check-up. And that the purpose for arranging this press conference is to avoid chaos arises from wrangling interviews.

Stephen expresses that due to the ongoing investigation, he cannot discuss the details just yet but he can speak of things that media might find interesting. Such as: “Why he wore a mask after leaving ICAC?” Stephen jests because he knew the press would be waiting for him so he wanted to look presentable, but when he was shaving he accidentally nicked his face, hence the mask. He did not want the press to misunderstand that the wound on his face came from ICAC.

Stephen also asserts his life is fine, don’t worry and thank everybody for their concern. He candidly admits that ICAC case has brought changes to his life. He says: Whose lives do not go through changes? If you are confronted with some inexplicable changes, please don’t be afraid or gripe, more importantly, don’t give up, because Truth can’t be faked, falsehood can't become truth. "

Then he left the scene without responding to the reporters’ questions. Apparently during the conference, Wong Hei, who has previously visited Stephen at this apartment, was there too to support his support.

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