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Top 10 Artistes - No.4 : Tavia Yeung

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Top 10 Artistes - No.4 : Tavia Yeung Empty Top 10 Artistes - No.4 : Tavia Yeung

Post by summer7879 on Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:51 am

Credit ; Magazine Scans by : tavia.org
Credit: Jessie @ http://jessie1314.blogspot.com

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Top 10 Artistes - No.4 : Tavia Yeung

Tavia joined the TVB training class in 1999. She gained some popularity only after 10 years. “In the past, I would do whatever the company asks me to do. It is not up to me to say yes or to say no. Only until [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] then I feel that the company starts to accept my opinion. I requested for the role of the villain.” There are reasons for jealousy. Even if I work in the same department for another 10 years, I might not have the bargaining power, no wonder the others say that the company favours Tavia.

The producer is afraid that Tavia cannot portray the role of GamLing well, but she persisted. “In the eyes of the viewers, Tavia might not be a nuisance but rather, boring. [She plays] one role during the prime time and there is a replay of a similar role in the night. I want to try something new, and changing the type of characters to portray is most direct way.” After playing the role of a good person for many years, [the role of a villain] will be a huge impact. Not bad, after Tavia has changed and progressed, there are some unkind comments. She said frankly: “The role of a villain is often portrayed by the older actors. The viewers expected it too, and when I tried [the role of a villain] for the first time with slight exaggeration, there will be comments about the exaggeration. You ask if I am contented? No, I am not. I worry too much. I told myself not to care too much about the viewers’ comments but I am still worried. Are you worried that you will always be recognized as a villain? Or be hated? There are still some worries about gains and losses.”

After all, this is the first challenge and viewers cannot accept it temporarily. Besides, after struggling with calefare roles for many years then to supporting roles, and finally slowly climbing to become the lead actress, there cannot be any losses. “You are wrong. If given a second chance, I would overcome my fear and go all out to act, not caring about the viewers’ comments.” Or is it, if the viewers start to hate you then it is considered a success?

On average, everyone who works in the same environment for 10 years will feel bored. It is equivalent to loving someone for 10 years and still feeling passionate, which is rare. Everything can become a habit, but Tavia is still not used to being interviewed. “I know that if the drama is a success, there will be reports. However, I am not happy when there are rumours about me and someone on bad terms. Throughout my life, I hate it most when people misunderstand me, making the atmosphere very unpleasant.” An actress who does not like to be interviewed: Actually it is self-deceiving, but I believe it. I believe that Tavia, you do not want to offend people, even if he does not have power. Because you are a good person, so good that you would still recognize me after one year and say: “Wa! You have grown so much thinner!”

Top 10 Artistes - No.4 : Tavia Yeung 30773410
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