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Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1)

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Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1) Empty Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1)

Post by summer7879 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:57 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1) 121200470082b1char1
Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1) 121200470082b5char2
Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage (Part 1) 121200470083b5char3

Part 1: Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage

'TV Queen' Sheren Tang and 'Biological Daughter' Charmaine Sheh may have magical powers in TVB City, but their love life is empty. Life without a man, Sheren and Charmaine are similar. Steel blooded Miss Nine can take down bad men any time, but in reality Sheren is longing for love. The unruly Princess Chiu Yeung Charmaine is actually waiting for love to come. Perhaps this is the irony for lead actresses!

I'm watching Sheren Tang battle Teresa Mo

Charmaine says: "The media focuses entirely on Sheren and I, and that is actually quite unfair to the other candidates. We cannot cover up other peoples efforts because every person spent a lot of time and effort in portraying their roles. Actually, I support Teresa Mo. Some people say that her acting is exaggerated, but I believe that this type of acting style for sitcoms is not a problem. Before I entered the industry, I watched her acting, I really admire her comedies!"

In a blink of an eye, Charmaine is already in her mid-30s, TV Queen she already got, money she already earned a lot, even rumored boyfriends she has a huge basket. Her rumored boyfriends Benny Chan, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan and more names are in a rumor wheel. Until this day she has not found her true love, how does she cope, while there is a rise in 'gold remaining girls'. Filming for a long periods in Mainland, she is completely clueless of the term 'remaining girl'. When she learned the term was to describe women who are over 30 and still aren't married, Charmaine laughed: "Quite a pretty term! I don't feel it's degrading women!" In a series (CBML), Charmaine plays an unruly princess, and is willing to give up everything for love. In reality, Charmaine gave up on love: "When there's gain there's loss. Since I already put all my time into work, the distribution for family and love decreased! Although I always want to take a break, I continuously filmed 140 episodes this year, and counting the upcoming Forensic Heroes III, it's 170 episodes total."

Grandmother rushes marriage

After all she has reached a marriagable age, and Charmaine's grandmother is worried that her granddaughter won't ever be able to get married, so is often rushing her to get married and making Charmaine think of retiring from the industry. "My mom hasn't forced me, but my grandmother is always telling me to stop working and go marry quickly. I asked my grandmother, if I stop working then what do i do? She said do whatever is fine. I have seriously thought about retiring, but I really love acting, it's hard to give it up! Can only leave it to fate, I am not afraid to wait, I will wait until he appears! I can wait!" To Charmaine, dating is a luxury, if she has time, she would rather sleep: "I believe in fate and destiny. But now I am so busy I don't have time to meet people or marry. Even if there is someone pursuing, I don't have time to meet him, I don't even have enough time to go to bed and sleep!" In the last year, Charmaine has been constantly filming series, making her feel exhausted: "I filmed When Heaven Burns, Can't Buy Me Love, Justice, My Foot, Colorful World of Sister Fa and Female Constables, a total of 6 series all in one go. In such a short time, I portrayed 6 different roles, mentally I have not stopped, physically I am very exhausted."

Supports Fala Chen the most

This year Charmaine lost the TV Queen title, but her acting has long been accepted by audience, winning 'My Favorite TV Female Character' is no doubt. She exposed that for several years relied on 'stealing tips' in order to study hard on acting: "I never officially learned acting from a teacher, but I would always observe acting from different co-stars, to learn from them. I am not just talking about the lead actor, but seniors like Kara Hui, Felix Wong. There are also Gallen Lo and Roger Kwok, I learn their different acting styles. I remember Seven Sisters, I had a scene where my lines were really long, and at the same time I had to mix in several different motions into the acting. Gallen saw that I was so frightened and impatient about it, he immediately taught me to throw out everything and put my entire self into the role, don't let the lines I have to say control me. This method came in good use in my life." Charmaine currently occupies TVB's 1st line Fadan position, towards the group of new talents, she especially supports Fala Chen: "Fala, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung are all pretty good. Though they have good audience fate, but if I had to choose, I feel that Fala has high flexibility. She portrayed two completely different roles in Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets really well, she handled the roles well. I admire her."

Epilogue: Filial Granddaughter Greatly Loved By Family

Charmaine made a special trip back to Hong Kong to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, and stayed a few more days to do several interviews. The exhausted Charmaine, still kept herself going until the end. Known as a filial girl, the day that she was doing the photo shoot for this interview, her grandmother kept calling her. When she was putting on her 5-inch heels along with a long-tailed dress, Charmaine wanted to call her grand mother back, and spoke to her in a gentle voice: "Can do! I will come back! I'll come back tomorrow night to have dinner with you!" After she hung up, Charmaine smiled and said: "My grandmother is 96 years old, she forgets that she already called me. She really does love me!"

Part 2: [Sheren Tang desperate to be loved]

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