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Niki Chow: I am now very open

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Niki Chow: I am now very open  Empty Niki Chow: I am now very open

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:52 am

Credit ; Source: ME! Magazine Issue#236 | Credit: ihktv.com
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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Niki Chow: I am now very open

In the previous ME! interview with Niki, she had 5-7 people around her, only served as a respondent during the interview and was reserved. Even when she was being interviewed, she felt so stressed, her back was sweating.

Seeing Niki again, she only brings along her female assistant to the photo shoot studio. Although she appeared a little worn out after rushing over here, she was clearly a lot more relaxed and was louder in her speech.

"Signing into a company, there are a lot of things to take into account, now that I don't have a burden, I am more comfortable."

In the past, when she was asked about her relationships, she would just give the official answer, but now she's all relaxed: "I am now very open, I wil go meet new friends."

In the interview with Niki last year, a photo of her had a shadow near her chest, and she wanted it to be deleted immediately in order to protect her career line from being exposed. Asked what she's so scared about? She generously answered you: "Definitely not sexy."

Today, seeing her again, the photographer suggested she make a breakthrough for a sex appeal, Niki quickly said: "As long as the results look good, then I don't really mind." This time, the staff were caught off guard this time, especially the male assistants, every one of them were like little deers running around randomly and their ears were red. A group of little fans immediately surfaced on the set.

"The photographer wanted to try it out and take a few shots, I trust him. I don't want the staff to feel awkward and clear the studio, never had I experience that. I feel sorry. To me, it's not any breakthrough, everyone thinks it's sexy, but I don't feel there is anything to see. My arms are covering, just revealing my back."

In the past, she rather let people tease that she had no body figure, and was stingy showing just a little because she couldn't convince herself. Now that she can convince herself, Niki was not only the photographer, but her long time 'jade girl' image is also taken down.

"After all, signing with a company, have to take many things into account, and there are a lot of constraints. Now that there is no company, I actually feel the freedom, like I don't have the burden anymore. My current impression is that my work is has a lot of 'self', like this is the real me, unconstrained. I am currently discussing with a new company, it's almost done, and will be announced by the end of the year. I don't know if I'll lose this (the freedom) again after signing with that company, but I can only enjoy the moment now."

TVB and her [previous] record company (BMA) are currently in a dispute and there's just news to read. It does feel like Niki is giving up a whole factory for a piece of candy when she decided to terminate her contract to shoot a TV series, feels pretty wrong. As the story develops, the victim turns into the one who benefits. Not being the TV station's biological daughter, she is often earning the Chinese Yuan up north.

"Two years ago when I was shooting The Book and the Sword, the broadcast was doing well in Mainland, then many people asked me to shoot series. My next series will also be in Mainland, this year I am officially starting to develop in the Mainland market."

It was rumored Book and Sword was a high rated series in Mainland, the production company supported Niki developing in the foreign market. Does she get paid a million for her work? Niki was completely clueless, so her assistant, who was sitting by her side, told her that's the rumor circulating in the public.

"It was a reasonable pay, also the value of the Chinese Yuan is increasing, of course it's much better than Hong Kong. The treatment is also very good, I am really frank, haha."

Domestic artists are all going up north to make a living, can't say there aren't any pressures, but Niki is prepared, no worries.

"They (Mainland artists), 90% of them came from professional acting schools. They are sensitive to the beat and the camera shots. 7 years ago, I collaborated with a Mainland artist, and I already knew the differences between the two artists coming from two areas (HK & Mainland). There are less HK artists that came from acting schools, mostly learn on the job. Natural acting is accepted by audience. In Mainland, it's more about the skills, displaying the principles learned in the acting. I feel acting is not about good or bad, just whether or not audience likes it after watching, if there was resonances. A long time ago, someone told me before that the most important is audience fate, something that money cannot buy."

Niki's tips

Q: What skincare tips you have for the summer?
A: In the summer more sweat and oil comes out on the skin, have to carefully wash everyday, that's how the skin can be kept well.

Q: Diet?
A: I'm shooting ancient series in July-August, already prepared soup stock and prepared to make soup everyday.

Go out and meet friends

Last year, the year before, the year before that, Niki said she'll get marry and have kids within two years. Doing some calculations, the 'child' should be pretty old by now right? Niki could not help but laugh out loud, claiming that there is nothing new about her answers: "You asked me last year, I said in two years, this year you ask me, I still say its two years. Next year you ask me, I will say two years again, counting it all together, it's about 6-7 years. Haha."

"10 years ago, I already said 2 years. Today, I'm still saying 2 years. In fact, I really don't know when myself, but seeing so many people asking, I just kept the 2 year answer."

Still no partner? "I am now very open, I will go meet new friends, but if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. Leave to fate."

Will you be like other FaDans, go up north, besides making use of the work, you also conveniently meet a Mainland boyfriend or husband too? "That is possible! haha, why not? The market is so big. Many people asked me that, I don't rule out that possibility, if it works then it works. Every time I'm in Mainland, I'm always hurried because of work, so I haven't met someone yet."


Busy, Niki truly is very busy. In the past, after an interview she would just sit for a bit and eat a few things, chat a little, but this time after the photo shoot, Niki has to quickly fly back to Mainland for work. Even she said herself, "In a month, I'm flying 7-8 times to Beijing, Shanghai and in the end of the month, I'm flying to the States for a show. I am so sick of flying now, sometimes I even get confused on whether I'm in Beijing or Shanghai."

Niki although smiles, but her smile is quite bitter.

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