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Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority

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Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority Empty Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:50 am

Credit : pyscho 085 @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority

Myolie Wu Places Work As Top Priority News15myolie

Myolie Wu attended Macau's 60th National Day Celebration event, and she appeared together with rumored boyfriend, Bosco Wong. She expressed that this was the company's arrangement. When the news on their break-up was being brought up, Myolie expressed that both of them had never admitted publicly of their dating relationship, and asked the reporter not to ask any more questions regarding the rumors. Now, she's busy with promoting her new album. Later on, she will be heading for Japan to film a new drama, and as for now, her work is of the top priority.

Bosco Wong Denied Breaking Up With Myolie Wu [Source: oncc]

Bosco Wong was alleged to have broken up with Myolie Wu, and hooked up with Toby Leung instead. When he attended the event, he was evasive of questions relating to relationships. He emphasized that he never talked about being in a relationship, so there was no break-up to talk about. He expressed that he's good friends with both Myolie Wu and Toby Leung. When asked whom is a closer friend to him, he said that the feeling of friendship cannot be compared.

Bosco Wong Denied That He Failed To Woo Toby [Source: Apple Action News]

There was a rumor that Bosco Wong once wooed after Toby Leung, but because he failed, thus he returned to coax Myolie Wu back.

Today, Bosco attended the National Day Celebration show in Macau, and said in exasperation, "It's old news. Back then, when I was filming a drama with Toby, we already had rumors. Now, the rumors are starting again. I'm good friends with both ladies."

Myolie Wu, who's present at the event as well, carried the same tone as she expressed that she's good friends with Bosco Wong. She hoped that the media and outsiders can stop spreading her rumors with Bosco.

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