Bosco Wong: Tavia Yeung good to kiss; Linda Chung kiss recklessly enough; Myolie Wu best to kiss

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Bosco Wong: Tavia Yeung good to kiss; Linda Chung kiss recklessly enough; Myolie Wu best to kiss

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Credit ; Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong: Tavia Yeung good to kiss; Linda Chung kiss recklessly enough; Myolie Wu best to kiss

Celebrities filming kiss scenes, many "likes the old, forget the new" because they're more familiar with their old partners and have more chemistry, more comfortable, natural and less embarrassment. Bosco Wong is no different, but when speaking of the best lips to kiss, he couldn't deny that its Myolie Wu!

As TVB Siu Sang, recently Bosco has been busy shooting for and got quite lucky with girls. "I have a love relationship line with Sonjia Kwok, Mimi Lo and Oceane Zhu. With Sonjia and Oceane, I have some intense kiss scenes, many thanks to the producer for letting so many girls be 'my business' too. Haha", Bosco said proudly. When speaking of kiss scenes, Bosco expressed that should take the initiative, don't be passive and also the more familiar you are with your partner, the better.

Linda Chung and Aimee Chan most memorable

"The most memorable kiss scenes were with Linda Chung and Aimee Chan. I remember there was one scene where Linda grabbed me and kissed me until we got onto the bed, that scene took many takes... on the first take, I was being the passive role because I was really feeling a bit embarrassed. With Aimee, it was during . Because it was our first collaboration, and had to do several kiss scenes on the first few days of filming, we didn't have much time to communicate. If we had more time to get ready, then we could be more comfortable."

"Actually these type of scene, its better to do with someone you are more familiar with. Like Tavia Yeung, we have been living in the same building since childhood. I knew her since I was young. In , after filming a rainy kiss scene, we both teased each other, completely no grudges. Kate Tsui was the same with Tavia Yeung, she's a tomboy, so that gives off a more natural feeling."

Myolie best to kiss

Bosco already discussed kiss scenes with many actresses, but the funniest is when rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu's name was mentioned. Bosco was very talkative all along, but after Myolie's name was mentioned he suddenly quiet down. "Myolie is more feminine, but she's very straightforward and quick. She's not very feminine...actually I didn't really do many kiss scenes with Myolie, most of them were just light kisses, those gentle ones. So I really don't know..." (Is Myolie's lips most compatible with his?) At first, Bosco did not answer, but after asking him again, does he dare to say no? Bosco saw that he had no choice, he did not dare to deny. He only took a deep breath and loudly admitted: "She is the best to kiss!"

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