Michael & Jessica speak about marriage

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Michael & Jessica speak about marriage

Post by summer7879 on Tue May 25, 2010 12:43 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily & Stephanie @ http://bravenet.jessicahsuan.net
Translated by: siaozhabor @ http://bravenet.jessicahsuan.net

Michael & Jessica speak about marriage

The old saying goes, "marriage is the tomb of love". Jessica and Ruan are approaching the 'tomb' whilst Michael Tao is 'reviving' from his 'death'. He also teased Jessica not to marry.

After 15 years of collaboration in Files of Justice, Jessica and Michael partnered again in Sisters of Pearls. Their new partnership of a bickering couple ended up in a relationship between the cousins.

Both Jessica and Michael have a common understanding i.e. Michael's trademark laughter is heard even before the interview. Michael laughed at Jessica for having changed her appetite from 'Chinese cuisine' to 'Western food' (love life).

Jessica replied "This western food really suits me. I didn't notice this previously and almost thought of giving up. We talked about almost everything, and some of these topics may be shunned by Chinese." Regarding wedding, Jessica mentioned that she has been dating for 8 months but have yet to think about it.

Michael then send his regards to Jessica and mentioned that everybody has different needs when it comes to marriage i.e. family. He mentioned, "You will have to be quick if you plan to have kids. In contrast, some people prefer to be single." For the later statement, Michael may be trying to describe his current situation of 'revival'.

Michael mentioned that his divorce 4 years ago is a turning point for him. Once, he lost confidence and gradually recovered with the help of his friends. Michael revealed that he is very happy with his current stage in life. "The unhappy days are over and I will not be hurt by the negative incidents. There's a chance that I will be queried regarding my rumours (Sojnia Kwok) or returning to my ex-wife, which was media's concoction. My ex-wife is very well currently, me too, and we are still friends after the divorce. Reporters are people too and they know. Its a pity that some media officers drafted reports in the way they intended."

Jessica replied, "We understand Michael's situation during then but I did not bother him. We are good partners and friends. There are many things in life that require you as an individual to solve and it takes time. Nah! You see that Michael is so happy now."

Due to his old friend, Michael enjoyed "dating" Jessica in the filming process. Jessica also admitted that she liked Michael when she was filming Files of Justice back then. "I will need to like the actor to be able to be in the role."

In fact, both are their top choices when it comes to lovers in reel life. Jessica mentioned that she took up the role in Sisters of Pearls due to Michael. An example of their common understanding will be their constant bickering.

Jessica commented, "I will look at the cast and script when I am considering if I should take up a role in a film. For example, when I heard that Michael is in Sisters of Pearls, I accepted it immediately! I need to be able to communicate in order to act well."

Michael recalled, "15 years ago, we filmed Files of Justice. 15 years later, we filmed Sisters of Pearls together. Jessica did changed, for the better. Previously, she is obviously an ABC (american borned chinese) and now she is more local after immersing herself in the Hong Kong culture for such a long time. She have also matured from her 'princessy' temper. " Hearing this, Jessica added, "However, Michael didn't change much. He is still so evil with his words."

In the interview, Jessica mentioned that she hoped to be able to work with Michael again. However, Michael will no longer be on contract with TVB after Sisters of Pearls. He told Jessica that she will have to 'venture further' if she were to work with him again.

In explaining the reason he did not extend the contract with TVB, Michael replied that he was free for a year even before his contract ended. When questioned on TVB providing more opportunities to artistes under their brand, Michael replied that TVB will obviously promote the artistes carry their brand. He also coined himself as a 'poor good', hence was not promoted. However, he is satisfied with TVB as it paid its compensation well.

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