Tavia as an evil empress, Moses is like a lunatic

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Tavia as an evil empress, Moses is like a lunatic

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:47 am

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Tavia as an evil empress, Moses is like a lunatic

The evil empress Tavia Yeung in the drama [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], currently airing on TVBS at 8pm, came to Taiwan. In the drama, she was wicked enough to sit on Charmaine Sheh who was pregnant and caused her to miscarriage. Really evil indeed. Having been in the industry for 12 years, this was Tavia's first attempt on evil character which also boosted her popularity. Due to she went all out for this drama, colleague Moses Chan expressed, “She is insane, almost schizophrenic.”

[Beyond] has achieved high ratings in HK and the ratings in Taiwan increased 5 times too. Yesterday producer Mui Siu Ching came to publicize along with Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan. She revealed that Tavia requested for the evil role with a condition that the evil role must not die. Tavia graduated from the TVB artiste training class and started out from a calefare. Now she has finally made her way to fame in [Beyond]. Her role stands out from the rest of the casts and almost got the Best Actress award last year. In reality, Tavia is a gentle lady. However she got very tensed up during the filming of [Beyond] and had diarrhea that time.

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