Anita Yuen celebrates 39th birthday in all girls party

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Anita Yuen celebrates 39th birthday in all girls party

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:19 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Anita Yuen celebrates 39th birthday in all girls party

The night before Anita Yuen celebrated her 39th birthday with her group of good friends including Christine Ng, Sharon Chan, Sherming Yiu, Emily Kwan, Angela Tong and Grace Wong. At 7:30pm, Anita arrived with her husband Chilam Cheung, as her driver, at Deep Bay Yacht Club. She was greeted by a group of reporters sending their birthday wishes to her, Anita was in a very good mood and thanked the group of reporters. When asked if her birthday wish was to try for another baby? She laughed: "Try our best, try our best! Most important is good health." It was understood that Chilam had always loved to give surprises gave Anita a brand name handbag. Emily revealed she gave a night gown to her. As for Christine Ng, who arrived at the scene the earliest said: "I told some people ahead of time to put up printed clothes at the party location."

At the party yesterday, besides her husband Chilam, all the guests were females. Anita said: "My beautiful girl party beings now!" The group of good friends gave her a 5-6 pound cotton candy birthday cake with "Happy Birthday to Anita" written on it. They all took pictures constantly, went for karaoke and drank happily.

On Weibo, Anita also received many birthday messages from entertainment circle friends including Alan Tam, Chilam's good buddy Aaron Kwok and Lynn. Aaron wrote: "Wish Mrs. Cheung a happy birthday! Eat Happily! Play happy!" Lynn said: "Wish you get more and more beautiful! Next year have another baby!" Sharon wrote: "Captain, Happy birthday!" In response to everyone birthday wishes, Anita wrote: "Hope all my close friends and friends have good health, peace and prosperity!"

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