Ron Ng & Viann Zhang's relationship surfaces; Ron changes style, does not respond

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Ron Ng & Viann Zhang's relationship surfaces; Ron changes style, does not respond

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:17 am

Credit :Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng & Viann Zhang's relationship surfaces; Ron changes style, does not respond

TVB Siu Sang Ron Ng and 35F cup China actress Viann Zhang's rumors started last year. Ron once denied, but a few days ago he was photographed driving a million dollar sports car to the airport to pick up Viann and bring her home. Their intimate relationship surfaces. Ron did not respond, but fans reacted to the news. Someone stomped into Weibo and warned Viann: "Don't hurt Ron"

31 year old Ron Ng filmed a Mainland series Pretty Maid last year in Shanghai. At the time, rumors started that love sparked between him and 24 year old Viann. However, he was unwilling to confirm that she was his girlfriend all along. Recently the rumors between Ron, Kate Tsui and Sire Ma got hotter and hotter. It was speculated that Viann wanted to confirm her status, so a few days ago, she flew to HK in order to hang on tightly to her boyfriend. Ron drove his expensive sports car to pick her up at the airport and helped her carry her luggage. Later he drove his girlfriend back to Ho Man Tin, where he resides.

A warm vacation with girlfriend

Yesterday reporters contacted Ron to confirm, but he did not respond. He only revealed through his manager that he "will not respond to personal matters." This time, Ron acts differently to his previous rumors with Kate and Sire. Instead of denying right away to the rumors, Ron chose not to respond.

Yesterday morning Ron was working on TVB new series ATF Terrorism, but got off work in the afternoon. It was said that he does not have to work for the next two days, wonder if he's going take a few days off to spend with Viann? Yesterday Viann did not post on Weibo, but on June 8th her post appeared to be related to her 'boyfriend' rumors with Kate and Sire. She said: "If don't trust your lover or the person with you, always in doubt, life would be tiring. I am willing to believe and trust my luck, that it is happiness. I believe I will have a beautiful future. Believe him!"

Fans warn Viann not to be like Mavis Pan

After the exposure of this underground relationship, many Ron fans left messages on his Weibo. Some people expressed "too hurt", "can't accept at this moment", "if it's true, I will support you". Some fans even stomped into Viann's Weibo and expressed: "Please treat him well! Don't be like your good friend (Mavis Pan) having the same evil heart! If you hurt him, you know what you will have to face." Apparently this is a warning to Viann, that she should not be like Mavis and Raymond Lam, taking bed photos.

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