Charmaine Sheh's acting convinces the audience

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Charmaine Sheh's acting convinces the audience

Post by Matchbox on Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:36 am

Charmaine Sheh's acting convinces the audience
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: matchbox @

The men that are around Charmaine Sheh gain most attention from the paparazzi's. No matter whether they are shooting a series together, in the same car or having dinner it all becomes the reason for the rumored gossip. These rumours have made Charmaine known as the "Queen of Rumors". In today's critical society, if you wanted to attack Charmaine you could just use the news reports, say that she has too much negative rumors and seductive. But as for her acting she is able to convince the audience. Amongst the Fa Dan's she is one that clearly shows that she can act.

From her debut performance in "Flyng Fox of Snowy Mountain" as Miu Yeuk Lan with a squeaky voice and an childish performance to the recent "You're Hired" bickering with Dayo Wong. Within these 12 years, Charmaine has experienced love and hate.

Charmaine said "I was very curious when I first started to shoot a TV series. A part of me wanted to give up when I was criticized. I asked Wah Gor (Felix Wong) and many other seniors advice on how to improve my acting. I didn't understand why people were still telling me off when I was working hard. Fortunately at the time I was very busy working and shooted around 100 episodes of TV series in a year. I didn't even have time to rest, I had no time to think about whether I wanted to give up. I could only go forward. When I was unhappy or couldn't get out of character, I only had the time to drive back home and cry out the tears before I went to bed. I was too tired, the next day I would have forgotten about the unhappy things and continue to work. I spent 1 or 2 years in this emotional state and thankfully the company didn't give up on me. They gave me a lot of opportunities so that I could find my own suitable acting role".

"Return of the Cuckoo" was the turning point for me. The audience saw me play the role of "Kwan Hou" who was very frank and felt that I had opened up. Actually the role itself is very similar to me in real life. When people praised me I felt I had increased my confidence. Afterwards I bravely asked Tsang Jeh (Catherine Tsang) for me to shoot "Country Spirit". Also because you're shooting the footage in the real location. I felt I turned into the role "Sun Fung". Since then I started to enjoy acting and have maintained the passion till now. Currently I enjoy accepting to play new roles".

Fears being called "The Queen of Rumors"

Charmaine enjoys acting, will she have difficulty in getting out of her roles and fall in love with the male actor? Every series that she accepts will create rumors from the start. When the series finishes airing the rumors will end. But when she collaborates with the male actor again in another series they will say they are "Dating" again. Charmaine has a lot of rumored boyfriends and there is not enough seats for 1 table. She said "Many rumors are made up by the magazines. If the rumored male actors on the list have dated me, then why would they celebrate my birthday together? I admit that I have more male friends in the industry than females. Girls will often gossip and get jealous of each other. I enjoy spending time with my male friends as it's more relaxed. We can discuss about work and talk about problems. I am very afraid of being called the "Queen of Rumors". Currently the media is out of control and I will just have to tolerate and use it as part of a promotion".

Won't avoid meeting with Kevin Cheng

Charmaine and Benny Chan's rumors have gone on for 5 years. This year her rumors with Kevin Cheng have become white hot. It's not as simple as being a part of promotion. Charmaine explains about her friendship with Kevin. "A couple before dating will meet up to get to know one another. I will not be afraid to meet with male friends as its normal. I know that outsiders believe that I have halfly admitted in dating Kevin, but actually we just didn't avoid meeting up with each other. We have yet to get to the dating stage. As well as seeing him often while shooting "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", we seldom see each other normally. Our opinions are different and our directions are different. If 2 people spend more time arguing than having dinner, how will they cope being together in the future? I need to think clearly before making the first step. Currently I don't have the feeling to date because I am afraid I will be too hurt if we breakup. I rather be alone and maintain friendships".

Still Friends with Benny Chan

Benny still crazily awaits for Charmaine. She said "Waiting for what? He has never said that to me in person. he often says things randomly. We are still friends and currently still speak on the phone. If I chose to be with him then I wouldn't wait till now. He is often not in Hong Kong. We have never bumped into each other even though we live in the same mansion". (You won't choose Benny because he is a player?) "That is his business, I won't comment".

Marriage and having children is part of life

Benny is the past and Kevin is the present. What lies in the future? "I would also like to know what will happen in the future. A woman who has experienced getting married, having children will feel complete. These are also plans in part of my life. Currently I have been intouch with Christine Au Yeung. She told me that she got married to her husband after dating for 3 months. Now she has a happy family. I envy her a lot. But I feel if I get the chance to meet someone I like, I will be too afraid to make the first move which is the biggest problem".
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