Sharon Chan had heat stroke filming "Searching For Everlasting Love"

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Sharon Chan had heat stroke filming "Searching For Everlasting Love"

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:13 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao/Mingpao(image)
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Sharon Chan had heat stroke filming "Searching For Everlasting Love"

Sharon Chan, Bosco Wong and William Chan attended the press conference for the promotion of new HTC hero mobile phone yesterday. Sharon disclosed that she caught sun stroke when filming TVB up coming new series "Searching For Lasting Love" due to the hot weather. As Sharon had heat stroke before, she knew what was going through her body. Sharon quickly drank a lot of fluid to get her energy back. Although she felt unwell afterwards, she is feeling much better now.

Talking about Stephy Tang who caught H1N1 infection and didn't wear a mask, Sharon said she didn't have a temperature and hasn't got a sore throat either. After taking the medication, she recovered very quickly.

Bosco was a performing guest in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Speaking about the quality of this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants were poor, even the rating report is low. Bosco responded by saying that people set their own standard when judging other people, and we all see people differently. Bosco has met Sandy Lau before when she invited him to take part in "Miss Hong Kong special" programme. He also found out that his father knows Sandy's family.

William was wearing a white suit, looking like Prince Charming and immediately became the media's focus. William revealed that he has been busy filming "Death silly". There was a scene that he poured petrol on his body and than lit up the fire after he had a nervous breakdown. Although the stunt man did the real thing, having his body on fire, he had to put Coke on his body to look like petrol. As a result, he had attracted lots of ants, making him so unbearable.

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