Myolie Being Teased By Stephen Chan

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Myolie Being Teased By Stephen Chan

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:39 pm

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Myolie Being Teased By Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan promoted the launch of the cell-phone version of his new book, Stephen's Star Kitchen, and invited the rumored couples in the entertainment circle to support him. The guests included Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, Patrick Tang and Selena Li, and the different rumored couples were being teased by him from time to time. Natalie Tong, Angela Tong and Leo Ku, whom were without their other-half present, became his targets too. At the sampling session at the live scene, Stephen Chan said, "Myolie Wu's appetite is quite good recently, because she had just gone for a holiday with Bosco Wong! Leo Ku said that he wanted to leave the food for supper, is he leaving it for Lorraine?" Myolie Wu could only laugh, and did not know what to reply.

Stephen Chan Teases Myolie Wu [Source: Mingpao]
Stephen Chan's new book, Stephen Chan's First-choice Eateries, launched the cell-phone version. Not long ago, he held a promotional event, and invited many TVB artistes to attend. This event was being hosted by Angela Tong.
When Angela was the MC, Stephen Chan criticized her in front of the other guests that her translations were too short and she did not how to respond readily. He even joked about her rumor with Chin Ka Lok. Angela could only laugh to cover up her embarrassment, and had no chance of retaliation. Myolie Wu, whom also attended the event, was being teased as well. Stephen Chen joked, "Just now, Myolie said that she's very hungry. Recently, her appetite's good, because she went for a holiday with Bosco Wong."

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