Nancy Sit plans to provide recreation classes for the elderly

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Nancy Sit plans to provide recreation classes for the elderly

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:50 am

Credit : Source: Wenweipo
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Nancy Sit plans to provide recreation classes for the elderly

Nancy Sit and Paw Hee Ching attended The 12th Senior Citizen Learning Academy graduation ceremony yesterday. Hee Ching was happy to share the joy of with the old people who are still learning. She herself has ordered a computer and got someone to teach her how to use it too. Hee Ching revealed that her daughter is in UK, and she has to wait for her daughter's phone call hall the time. That is why she wants to know how to use the computer so that she can communicate with her in the internet.

Nancy Sit envied the old people who have graduated and wearing mortar board. She reckoned nowadays people are living much longer, therefore it is a good idea to upgrade ourselves and to enjoy life too. Nancy revealed that she is practicing Tai Chi to keep herself fit. Also she goes on the internet everyday. She now knows how to send Email as well as using MSN. Her communication with her daughter has improved.
Nancy told reporter she is very concerned with older people's welfare. She planning to provide a class for the elderly in her mother's art center so that they can learn Tai Chi, as well as sing and dance. Nancy went on to say she is hoping the members can go out to take part in community activity as well as doing some voluntary work. Nancy added in principle, she doesn't like to charge the members for tuition fees, but there will be expense to hire the he tutors.

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