Suki Tsui fell over in the street but baby is unharmed

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Suki Tsui fell over in the street but baby is unharmed

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:30 pm

Credit : Source: Wenweipo
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Suki Tsui fell over in the street but baby is unharmed

Suki Tsui attended an activity last night, wearing a white t-shirt and a short dungaree. Talking about her fiance who gave her a platinum attached credit card worth 1500,000 HKD, Suki smiled and said "This is a rumor, but I am happy. I haver no reason to spend that amount of money, but I thank him for that as I have never received such present." Reporter asked if her other present is a car or an apartment? Suki expressed that are already living together, there is no need for that. As for the car, her car is his anyway. Talking about Suki had stripped over in the street the other day, she admitted that she was very careless that day as she was sending a text message. She was told off by her fiance for being so careless. Fortunately, she only grazed her knees, and didn't need to see the doctor. Her fiance had kissed it better anyway. Suki smiled and said "I am shaking now even talking about it, but he is holding on me when I get in and out of the car." Reporter asked if she has anymore good news to share, Suki smiled and said she will tell everybody soon.

Suki has booked her wedding plan with Toby Leung's new company. She is leaving her fiance to organize all the wedding preparation. Suki knows Toby will not say a word to the reporter about Suki's wedding plan. Talking about Justin Lo and Gary Cao were in a fight, Suki said she doesn't know either of them. It is their business, and it is better they sort it out behind closed door.

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