Susanna Kwan hosts a 6 table celebration dinner for good ratings

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Susanna Kwan hosts a 6 table celebration dinner for good ratings

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:49 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Susanna Kwan hosts a 6 table celebration dinner for good ratings

TVB anniversary series has started off very well in terms of ratings, the first episode beat . Last night, Susanna Kwan invited the cast and backstage crew for a celebration of the victorious ratings. This time Susanna is the host and invested $1 million HKD for the banquet celebration, she held 6 tables. Michelle Yim had to work and was not able to attend, while the rumored to have broken up with Charmaine, Kevin Cheng was said to be avoiding Charmaine therefore was absent from the banquet.

Susanna is the first person to treat the cast/crew a meal to celebrate the good ratings, then each of the other cast members will have a turn too? Susanna smiled: "One person treating a meal is already enough, we definitely need to lose some weight!"

Tavia Yeung expressed that she has confidence that the series will reach 40 point ratings. Asked if she still has confidence to strongly battle for the "TV Queen" award after seeing the good ratings? She said that there is still room for improvement, this time if she gets TV Queen or not, she does not care. Susan Tse supported Tavia. It was criticized that she's not evil enough? Susan said that audience are coming to conclusions too early, Tavia's role will soon have a huge change.

's second episode received 33 points (approximately 2.10 million viewers), dropped one point from episode 1. 's second episode only got 32 points. 's producer Mui Siu Ching was asked if Kevin is avoiding Charmaine, therefore he didn't attend? She said that Kevin accepted a show to earn money, he already told us that he won't be participating earlier. Mui Siu Ching also responded to the series being a copy of , she said that the two series have different packaging. But there are also Netizens who said that the series copied Mainland series <母儀天下>.

Tracy Ip appeared in a low-cut outfit last night. It was rumored that because Vicki Zhao and her wealthy fiance broke up, a magazine report said that Tracy was already discussing about marriage with him, receiving a 4 carat diamond ring, but Vicki "stormed in" making the marriage fall. Yesterday reporters contacted Tracy but she did not reply. Her manager expressed that there is no response about the wedding ring at this moment.

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