Anita Yuen acts as Jacky Cheung's wife in new film

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Anita Yuen acts as Jacky Cheung's wife in new film

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:45 am

Credit : Source:Takungpao/Wenweipo/ (image)
Translator: R.E.D @

Anita Yuen acts as Jacky Cheung's wife in new film

Anita Yuen (Lan Lan) "靚靚" attended two functions yesterday. She was at the opening ceremony for "72 tenants" first and later on she attended Lancome Revitalizing Eye Serum conference. She even demonstrated the whole process of skin care treatments for Christine Kuo. Lan Lan explained that her husband is so young, they both look after their skin together. He is very happy when they go out together.

Talking about her role in "72 tenants", Lan Lan said she plays the role as Jacky Cheung's wife. Bosco Wong and Linda Chung as their children. She laughed and said she was surprised to have two grown up children. The make up artist has to do a lot of hard work. Lan Lan presents herself in many ways, Eric Tsang has to accompany her to get the right costume. Eric is not only the producer and director, he is the art director too. Once she went to try on a costume, she looked at th mirror, she looked like her mother.

This film will be shown in cinema during the coming Chinese New Year, there will be 10 other films in cinema to celebrate the new year also. Lan Lan is hoping to share that new year spirit with other artists. Lan Lan revealed that she had worked with Jacky in "!@#$ & Harry" over 10 years ago. This is the second time working with him together. When Jacky saw her, he said she is so different from the old time when she was new to the film industry. Lan Lan smiled and said "People do change!"

Talking about "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" has higher rating report than "Born Rich", Lan Lan said she doesn't care about the rating report. She has every confidence in 'Born Rich". Reporter said people think Nancy Sit's acting is a bit over exaggerated, Lan Lan feels that is not a problem because Nancy acts as an ex singer, it is very reasonable she acts that way. Reporter said there is a rumor that she and Kenix Kwok do not get on so well, Lan Lan said she had told the other reporter off the other day when he asked her the same thing "That reporter wanted to ask me something, but didn't tell me what. I got annoyed with him. I know Kenix is expecting a baby, I sent her a text message to remind her to eat nutritious food. She replied my text message to thank me too."

======= [Source: Oriental Daily] =======

Other cast members include: Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Wong Cho Lam, Linda Chung, Stephy Tang, Fala Chen, Sammy Leung, Joe Ma, Kenny Wong, Derek Kwok, Raymond Cho, Joyce Cheng, Ella Koon, Bernice Liu, Kingdom Yuen, Tracy Ip, ....
Production: Shaw Brothers
Produced & Directed by: Eric Tsang
Notable: TVB Chinese New Year Movie // Remake of <72家租客> House of 72 Tenants

Charmaine Sheh: plays a rude and mean homeowner.
Joyce Cheng: plays a Shanghai woman (once played by her late mother Lydia Shum)

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