Aimee Chan's Tomboy image accepted and well known by audience

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Aimee Chan's Tomboy image accepted and well known by audience

Post by Matchbox on Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:46 am

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Aimee Chan's Tomboy image accepted and well known by audience

Aimee Chan who joined the TV industry by becoming the winner of Miss Hong 2006, has a trademark because of her big chest. Many people felt that she would become the new generation’s sexy goddess, however her tomboy image in TVB series “Burning Flame III” and “Off Pedder” has become well known. Many netizens support Aimee in winning the “Most Improved actress award”.

When discussing about her chances in being awarded she confidently said “I have a lot of confidence in myself. But I will see things normally. I have only been in the industry for 3 years and only started shooting series for 2 years. To be nominated is a big encouragement”.

The reporter mentioned that her biggest rival Sharon Chan supports her in winning the award. Aimee replied “I really like her. As well as her acting she is very good in hosting. I have been a host before and it’s extremely difficult. She handles it very well”.

Learning Cantonese

Aimee was raised in Canada and she finds speaking Cantonese very hard. She said “ (Off Pedder) is a sitcom series. Speaking good Cantonese is the basic requirement. That’s why I force myself to speak Cantonese daily and to learn how to read Chinese characters, My father is in Canada and I e-mailed my script to him. He read each word to me using a long distance phone call and spent a few hours on it. However of course he was the one paying the phone bill".

Aimee has been given many opportunities by the producers. She was willing to give up the sexy image route and chose the tomboy image instead. “ (Burning Flame III) is my biggest challenge as the role is totally different from my real self. I have to be very direct and rough, it was very difficult to portray. Fortunately the producer and cast took care of me”.
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