53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards Winners List

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53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards Winners List

Post by Matchbox on Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:03 pm

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53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards Winners List

Nick Cheung was awarded Best Actor for his performance in (Beast Stalker) at the 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival. It is his 6th time being titled Best Male. He said "(Beast Stalker) has given me many awards. I feel it's a perfect full stop. I have a place at home to store my awards and I have left a space for this award. This award is for everyone involved in the production".

Best Film: (The Rainbow Troops) 天虹戰隊小學 (Indonesia)
Best Director: Leon Dai - (No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti) 不能沒有你 (Taipei)
Best Male Actor: Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker) (Hong Kong)
Best Female Actress: Zhang Rongrong (Taipei)
Best Supporting Actor: Cheng Xu Hui 程旭輝 (Money No Enough 2) 錢不夠用2 (Singapore)
Best Supporting Female: Widyawati Sophiaan (Woman with a Turban) (Indonesia)
Best Screenplay: Accident (Hong Kong)
Best Cinematography: ChangHsiang-Yi 張祥昱 (No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti) 不能沒有你 (Taipei)
Best Film Editing: Dev.D (後現代激情) (India)
Best Sound: (妓女與總統) (Jamila and the President (Indonesia)
Best Music: Adrift (Vietnam)
Best Visual Effects: (後現代激情) Sukanta Parugrahy (Delhi)
Best Animation: Story of the Noble Warrior II (大象將軍 II) (Bangkok)
Outstanding Asia Filmmaker: John Woo (Hong Kong)
Best Short Film: Hopscotch (跳格子) (Taipei)
Best Documentary: Baseball Boys (野球孩子) (Taipei)
Special Contribution: Raam Punjabi (Indonesian Director)
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