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Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors

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Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors Empty Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors

Post by summer7879 on Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:16 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao Interview
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors

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Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors 24mp008kev2
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Kevin Cheng & Kenneth Ma's Charm: Talks about Work, Girls, Rumors

The two big men Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma got together to talk about work, rumors, girls, having daughters and everything there is, they can even laugh about everything. These two good brothers with similar minds gave mutual praises to each other: "He's so handsome", "He's so sweet". They also have their own preferences on work and girls, so there's no fear of hurting their relationship.

The Him in Their Eyes
Kevin and Kenneth's "brotherhood fate" started last year during . At the time, the two didn't know each other that well, until they worked together on as brothers. It was only then that the two began to know one another at a deeper level understanding each other's charms.

Kevin: "To men, Kenneth is a very sweet, cute and simple big kid. He likes soccer, cars and is easily loved by others. He's very serious and stubborn towards work, this type of stubbornness is one of his positive as well as negative character traits. Sometimes he would bring trouble to work. I also have this type of stubbornness, so we get along well. For example, waiting for an opportunity to come, I believe that opportunities are reserved for people who are prepared for it, once this opportunity comes, he will take advantage of it. Chai Gau (Wayne Lai) have been waiting for so many years, Kenneth shouldn't wait too long!"

Kenneth: Kevin Cheng in my eyes, before we collaborated I have already heard a lot of gossip relating to him. Most of them were about how he's very troublesome and is hard to get along with. Before I met him, I saw him at an event and he looked very cool, not saying a word, felt like he had a gate in front of him and at that time I thought he was hard to get along with. Until we worked on
, the people around me told me, "He's pretty hard to get along with!" but after working with him more, I quickly changed my impression on him. Actually the public misunderstood and is biased towards Kevin. Like he said, perhaps its because we both have a type of stubbornness towards work, so we just click so well. But at first when I didn't know him well, I really felt like he's mysterious, especially to his juniors like me, I'm afraid to say something wrong, don't know if he'll get angry. After knowing him more, I realized that Kevin is a very professional artist. Maybe the public is focused more on Kevin's handsome looks, I feel that he's pretty handsome, but also hope audience can see that he's got "good material" in his acting, don't just look at appearances. In , there are a few scenes of his that were quite memorable to me.

Kevin: I don't agree that I'm mysterious (laughs), but I am slow when it comes to getting to know people. Kenneth is also slow, but I'm slower, facing people that I don't really know, I won't take the initiative to know them, I won't take the first step. I don't know what I should say, so I give others the feeling that there's a "wall". Kenneth and I get along well because we have similar minds. We both are artistic in acting, acting is a type of art, towards the role, script and the details, we have high expectations. Sometimes we get stubborn and think that our own opinions are the best, but it's not that we don't listen to what others have to say, just that the person needs to get our trust in order to do so. Can't just have so many opinions without any reason. It is necessary for an artist to be artistic in their acting.

Kenneth: Yes! Some of my admired seniors who give me advice, I would especially pay attention. Just as Kevin said, if I see someone who has no reason, but comes and tries to teach me how to act, I would think "stop playing with me".

Outside of work, men often like to talk about girls. Kenneth exposes that Kevin loves girls that are challenging. Kevin expressed that Kenneth likes good obedient girls. Their tastes are different, no need to fight for a girl.

Kenneth: I know exactly what Kevin's taste is.

Kevin: I also know what your taste is! Haha! He likes good obedient girls!

Kenneth: Kevin likes girls who give off a sense of challenge! The girls he likes are what an average guy thinks are hard to pursue, so we won't fight for girls. I don't really like girls who are hard to get, I like the comfortable factor. Sometimes when my big brother (Kevin) and I see a girl, we would do some commenting. I ask him, "Big Brother is she ok?", he would say: "Your taste!"

Kevin: Not like that, the girls Kenneth likes are good girls and are nice!

Kenneth: Opposite of Kevin's preference on girls, his personality is quiet and doesn't say much. I think in many girls' eyes, he is quite a challenge as well. Many girls feel that this person is hard to get, it's not any girl who tries to pursue him will be successful. Although its not common for a girl to pursue a guy, pursuing Kevin will not be easy and it's the same with work, he has high expectations on girls.

Kevin: There are two ways to relationships. People pick you, you pick people. Others will also have high expectations on you. It goes both ways. Are the success chances high on the girls I pursue? I had quite a bit of girls pursing me, Hahaha! I'm also not easy to pursue, dead yet?! Haha, just kidding!

The type of girls they like, does these included their rumored girlfriends Charmaine Sheh and Nancy Wu? When the two heard their names, their facial expression immediately changed. Asked how would they describe their relationship with Charmaine and Nancy? The two good bothers said they are friends. Kevin elaborated: "Colleagues and Friends, never changed."

Have been in the entertainment circle for several years, towards dealing with troubling situations, at first would be resistance towards them, but later slowly began to take it easy to avoid damaging their health.

Kevin: The public are rather more concerned about the private lives of the people in the entertainment industry. Sometimes truth, sometimes false! Don't need to say what is real or not, haha! I understand what the readers are thinking, but we want to protect our personal space as much as we can. If two people from the entertainment circle are dating, then the focus would be on their relationship, while their efforts towards work would be neglected. If the other half is from outside of the industry, that person would also suffer the pressure, with the media investigating their background, not everyone can accept this. I will choose to protect my private life, until we are both comfortable with our relationship that I will announce it, like when I get marry. However, when we have kids, we're afraid of exposing them to the public, what if they get kidnapped? Who is to blame then? I am thinking far, but if we get photographed in the future, I do hope that the photo would be censored (blurred)!

Kenneth: I used to really oppose to rumors, no matter if its real or not, I would oppose it. There was one senior who told me that being in this industry, I have to accept it. Now if the stories aren't written too nasty, then I don't mind. I'll just treat it as news that gets me on the papers. Artists also hope to have a love life, meeting a girl and wanting to develop the relationship, there are stages. The worst is when we just became friends, the media writes all these stories about us, saying that we are getting married, having kids, even saying that we're cheating on the girl. I don't think that is too good, can't even develop a relationship normally. It's hard.

Kevin: Just having dinner together, then we're dating. Anyone would be frightened! What kind of girl would dare to go out with you alone? There's no way to control it. But, I'm currently focused on my career. Men have it better than women, even if we are older, we can still have kids, relationships, so not in a hurried for marriage. My mom is not even rushing me, what am I rushing about? Let fate take its course!

Kenneth: Patience. My mother has never rushed me, she only said that theres not enough money to make, so cute!

Kevin: In the future when I get marry, I will definitely have kids. If I have a daughter as cute as "Man Ling Mui Mui", then that be amazing! Even the father loses to the daughter's hands, I'll faint by all the daughter's girly sweet voice ("deh")!

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