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Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li

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Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li Empty Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li

Post by summer7879 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:55 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Credits: hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li

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Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li 040900282057b1sel1

CAPTIONS: Selena's personality is optimistic. On set, she often makes her partners happy.
Although Kenneth is a sweet talker, in Selena's eyes, he is a hundred-percent good guy.
Selena and Kenneth work together constantly; playing a couple again has no degree of difficulty.

Kenneth Ma wishes to kiss Selena Li

Kenneth Ma ignores rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu, as he openly expressed that he likes to pair up with Selena Li the most. Aside from longing to do stage performances with Selena, Kenneth hopes to play husband and wife with Selena, as well as additional kiss scenes!

Selena and Kenneth worked together again in TVB series "A Fistful of Stances", which has followed "The Four", "The Master of Tai Chi", "To Grow with Love", and "The Herbalist's Manual", where they also play a couple. Although they repeatedly collaborate, the more they film together, the more fresh the collaboration. Kenneth also openly expressed that he wants to become an onscreen couple with Selena. Could it be that he is not worried about rumoured girlfriend being jealous?

Personality Is Optimistic

Kenneth expressed that he is frequently coupled with Selena, but there is no sense of boredom as of yet: "There is a lot of chemistry working with Selena, and it is also very happy [working with her]. In the company, you cannot work with everyone so comfortably. Her personality is optimistic, making everyone very happy. I remember working with her in "The Master of Tai Chi". There was a crying scene in which she was unable to cry, so she looked for a novel to read. She read a couple pages, and then she started to cry--it was quite funny. (Do you want to become an onscreen couple with Selena?) Of course! The best would be for us to become a working couple; aside from filming, we can also sing together and do stage performances. I really want to play more sweet husband and wife characters with Selena; it would be better if there were more kiss scenes. However, this time in "Can't Buy Me Love", she has become my cousin-in-law. I prefer for us to play couples instead!"

Sweet Talking, Good Guy

Selena laughingly says that Kenneth is a sweet talker; however, she greatly praises him as being a good guy. She expressed that she likes to film romantic scenes with guys she is more familiar with: "He has been saying that since "The Herbalist's Manual"--always a sweet talker--but he is a good guy, good husband, and very dependable. If he doesn't praise me, wouldn't he be afraid that I would play tricks on him? (Are there any unforgettable memories working with Kenneth in series?) This time in "Fistful", we had an underwater scene. I don't know how to swim, so I was extremely terrified. During filming, the water went in my nose; it also made my eyes uncomfortable. In all my years in the industry, [this scene] was the most labourious. Luckily, he was by my side, so that I would not be so terrified in the water".

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