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Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic

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Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  Empty Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic

Post by summer7879 on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:51 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  26ma002felixmic1
Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  112600282001b6jessica
Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  112600282001b8felixmic2

Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic

Yesterday the cast to Gun Metal Grey attended the promotional event, including Felix Wong, Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan, and Nancy Wu.

Recently Felix Wong has been named "Fire Breathing Wah", when reporters pursued the question about how he's feeling now? He smiled and said: "Have always been good, been in a good mood from beginning to end of shooting Gun Metal Grey. I didn't start any 'fire'. (Just fire breathing?) You all didn't see my appearance, I was just expressing my opinions as an audience, I was just speaking from my mind. I wrote out whatever I felt uncomfortable with, Hong Kong has freedom of speech. (Will you go on Scoop?) I received a phone call last night, I will go. So difficult to make a series, artists definitely have to participate in the promotions. (Do you feel that this time, it's TVB's appeasement or trying to fix the situation?) It's hard to say. No Regrets is broadcasting their finale this week, have to arrange time for other series, at least there's the heart, putting the effort to do each situation. (Feeling better now?) I already said I wasn't firing, just my writing was a little heavy."

Felix expressed that he has not decided whether to attend the TVB awards ceremony or not, everything is on Michael Miu because Michael is the group's leader. When asked who he supports for TV King, Felix did not support Michael, he said: "I support Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Evergreen Mak and Nancy Wu to win awards. No Regrets is a drama in the big era, very attractive. (What about Can't Buy Me Love?) It's rather difficult to get an award depended on a comedy."

Michael praised Felix's speak of mind, is a hero that has good temper. He definitely supports his good friend. Is he planning to attend the awards ceremony? Michael said: "I don't know if I'm invited, haven't received the invitation yet. Perhaps I didn't make it in, so don't need to go."

Jessica Hsuan and Michael have been strongly supporting Felix in the last few days and working hard on promoting the series. Jessica was showing her career line during the game play with audience. She felt that Felix's firing had his reasons, but does not know if TVB invited him to attend the anniversary or not, it is more of an issue of respect. She said: "Actually I already knew about TVB's mechanism, if no promotions, then go do it ourselves. Also, I never though the series will be an anniversary series. However, I have been notified by TVB to go on Scoop for an interview. I'm currently cutting jobs, if I can handle it, I will do it, if not then I will leave. I completely understand Felix wants good for the series."

Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  30773410
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Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic  Empty Re: Michael Miu: Felix Wong's 'Fire Breathing" is heroic

Post by kingfai30 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:58 pm

I probably think that this series of Gun Metal Grey look very incredible when Michael Miu and Felix Wong was working together to find some evidence and solving the cases. It was sad to see Carson got shoot down when Michael Miu and his Team cannot stop crying. Jessica had a good chance working with Michael again.

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