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Sheren Tang desperate to be loved (Part 2),

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Sheren Tang desperate to be loved (Part 2), Empty Sheren Tang desperate to be loved (Part 2),

Post by summer7879 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:59 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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Part 2: Sheren Tang desperate to be loved

I can see Charmaine Sheh has talent

Sheren says: "Got the award for two years, and still haven't discussed on a new series, next year's TV Queen award probably won't have me! I know Charmaine has quite a bit of productions, I support that she'll get it next year! The Charmaine I know, she is a very hardworking artist. She's really good at memorizing the script, this is a rare talent to have. Have to understand that acting for Can't Buy Me Love is not easy, a comedy series having to be both likes and dislikes is even harder. Charmaine is amazing!"

At the awards ceremony, Sheren said to her award presenter Dik Lung "You didn't present the award to me yet!" This gentle tone melted audience who likes the role Miss Nine, this is Sheren's true self. Facing love, this two-time award winner is not as strong as how everyone sees her. Studying 9 types of personalities for several years, Sheren knows her personality is opposite of Miss Nine: "Miss Nine is considered the 9th personality, a leader of all and a very strong person. As for Sheren Tang is an alligator's head, she wants to be loved, not feel it. She wants her man to assume responsibility, help her decide everything, don't have troubles, but all along in this Chinese society, she cannot find her Mr. Right. She is considered the 4th personality!"

Have never met the right person

Very unfortunate, Sheren meets the wrong people are the wrong time, theres beyond beliefs, sobs, tormented will, but the main point is that she's in fact actually the person at wrong: "I haven't met the right person, not even one! In fact, I am the mistake! Towards love, my definition is all wrong. So, I never regretted, fortunately I only encountered one time where I thought about marriage. Why I decided not to marry, it is because I know there will be divorce. The me in the past, I needed a deeply worried feeling, when I don't have this feeling, I will immediately leave. I don't know how to tolerate, this is something that is wrong of the wrong! Currently, my view on love has returned to normal and healthy. Turns out that love is a long time favor, hope Sheren Tang didn't find out too late!" But, so what if it's late, the little island of Hong Kong has 7 million people, the reality is there are too many little men, trying to pretend to be big men. Not one of them can get Sheren's trust, there is not one who can keep her mind at ease. Ten years ago, the only event was when she met a Jewish man who set off the ripples.

Because of Religion Lost Good Karma

Sheren said: "There are too many men in Hong Kong that says I Love You on the outside, can take care of you, tell you to don't work, but actually what does women want? They never understood. Dating me, as soon as there are paparazzi following, they immediately gone with the wind. They won't tolerate my career. Ten years ago, I met a Jew, we interacted only briefly. He didn't have too much of a reaction when he found out I was an actress, but instead took me to see fireworks, walk the streets, allowing me to learn how to enjoy life. Unfortunately because of religious issues, we didn't get together. However, I remember every moment of that night."

Hoping to be loved, but at the same time gets defeated by her independent nature, Sheren possess double personality. How can this personality not interfere with her decisions towards her career. Everyone knows that TVB wants this TV Queen to become a biological daughter, but even Virgina Lok knows that her rebellious nature will be a difficult mission: "Miss Lok knows that Helen (her manager) and I collaborate well. There is no reason to destroy this relationship, so this issue (signing contract) never happened all along. But TVB raised me, the contract for me won't be a dead one, they will give me freedom. Just like Charmaine, she won't just go do anything."

As for contract in exchange for an award, Sheren laughed out loud. She has believed always believed in the saying 'Man proposes, God disposes'. "I actually think that after getting this award again, I will have more responsibilities, there will be no free lunch. Before I've been an undiscovered talent, I've been a supporting actress, having such success, besides being grateful, I will only cherish it!' Indeed, there are many undiscovered talents in TVB in the recent year that have gradually been explored. Sheren predicts that Power Chan will be the next Evergreen Mak, the applause he won was greater than any other lead artist. Turns out that besides hoping to be loved, Sheren also likes to go enjoy and share love.

Epilogue: Two-time TV Queen Serious Towards Work

December 7th, first time doing an interview with Sheren, that night was the 3rd day she became TV Queen. The executives invited the entire No Regrets crew for dinner. Sheren was very busy that night, and felt sorry as she said to the reporter: "I really am exhausted, how about expose the info over the phone?" She saw the reporter become stiff, so she couldn't bear to turn him/her down and did a 5 minute and 20 second interview. Cannot imagine in a million years, Sheren called back the next day: "I don't want to waste your time, can we chat again?" A TV Queen! Reporter received a favor from her, deeply felt loved!

Part 1: [Charmaine Sheh not worried about marriage]

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