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Myolie Wu finally makes accomplishments in her acting

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Myolie Wu finally makes accomplishments in her acting  Empty Myolie Wu finally makes accomplishments in her acting

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:18 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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Myolie Wu finally makes accomplishments in her acting

Not too long ago, Myolie Wu's acting was often criticized, but recently she fought it all back for herself in her performance in The Ghetto Justice as the hot and spicy lawyer. In the series, Myolie's chain of grudges, bickers and battle to stand out with Kevin Cheng, her bold performance got audience watching with a smile coming from the heart. But she does not take the credit, instead every time she encounters criticisms she would reflect on them. She said: "Nowadays audience taste is hard to guess, perhaps they like quick paced stories now. We all had great chemistry during filming, especially Kevin's ghetto lawyer role, he was able to try out new bold acts. I just followed him, but didn't dare to go too over. Of course I am happy that the series was such a great success, but its me who sometimes speak my lines too fast. So for the sequel, it is necessary for adjustment and I will try my best to change. Just waiting for TVB to give us the announcement!"

Myolie previewed The Ghetto Justice sequel, her opportunities are continuous. Earlier she participated in Johnny To's new directed film alongside handsome and good actor Richie Ren. I got to experience To Sir yelling at someone! Luckily that person wasn't me. He really puts in the effort into teaching artists. He told me to wipe away all of my 10 year acting experience and wanted me to portray the role with the completely new me. He even pointed out the little habits I have that even I don't know. It turns out that every time before I say my lines, I would smile a bit and sometimes I blink without knowing! After hearing this, really felt like I just took a very valuable lesson."

Won favor from TVB Executive

Obedient and filial, of course Myolie would win favor by TVB executive Virgina Lok. Earlier after Charmaine Sheh left the company, Myolie was one of the five FaDans that Virgina supported. Myolie said: "Don't say it like that. There are still many others, everyone has a chance. Miss Lok loves us all!" Towards not having high hopes for TV Queen, she explains: "I'm already carefree about awards. I admit that TV Queen is every actress goal, but playing so many roles each year, we are worried of diluting the opportunity and that audience may get bored of watching too much. Its hard to say!" Myolie hopes for continuous improvement and reach to the next level in her acting: "In fact, I do listen to opinions. When audience say I didn't do well, then I would reflect on it, I don't mind. If there were no criticisms then there would be no improvement."

Loyal relationships rely on feeling

Recently Myolie has been feeling down, all because of the earlier secret photographing in artists homes incident. She feels there is no privacy and no privacy protection. She said: "I don't always want his name (Bosco Wong) on the tip of my tongue. After all we both have our own work. If we get photographed walking on the streets together, then can't help it. I could only sigh on how bad I look! But getting photographed like that [in private property] is really miserable! Going home now feels like going back to jail!" Myolie had always been pretty loyal in the relationship world, she and Bosco can be considered inseparable. She admits she relies solely on feel when choosing a boyfriend, but she gets lured by fortunes: "Of course there have been pursuers over the years, but its me who is bad, always pulling down the gates, didn't carefully see if that person is wealthy or not! If there is no feel, then even a going out for a drink, would feel boring!"

Epilogue: Feels Lucky When Win Awards

Regarded as a good actress all along, Charmaine Sheh's difficult performance as 'Sister Fa' was not well accepted. But on the contrary, Myolie's acting as a mentally challenged girl in 2002's Golden Faith got her the Most Improved Actress Award. Myolie felt she was lucky: "The audience expectations are not as high for newcomers, just little improvements and they will feel your amazing, but after being in the industry for a longer time, people begin to have higher expectations."

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